These Flowers Are Actually Serial Killers, Time To See Their Victims

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People find it fair to kill for food. Stronger animals murder their weaker ‘brothers’ to survive. This food chain works for ages and we find it normal. However, when it comes to flowers, we consider them absolutely harmless. Have you ever heard about plants killing the other plants to survive? How about live beings being eaten by carnivores? No? This list will turn your world upside down. Meet the most dangerous ‘serial killers’ with roots and leaves.

1. Aldrovanda vesiculosa

Commonly known as the waterwheel plant, this ‘cutie’ captures small aquatic invertebrates using traps whorls around a central, free-floating stem. The plant is so smart, it awaits for its victim to get inside and then blocks it with a single rapid movement. To close such trap usually takes about 10 milliseconds. After that, the monster sucks the life out of its victim and grows bigger thanks to it.

2. Nepenthes

This one is also known as tropical pitcher plants or monkey cups, as zoologists often spot monkeys drinking rainwater out of them. But for this cute peculiarity, Nepenthes is extremely dangerous. This liana-forming flower has traps that contain fluids of the plant’s own production. Watery or syrupy, it attracts insects and even small animals, such as rats or lizards, which get inside of these cups to never come back. The flower ‘eats’ them to get stronger.

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