Manipulative People: How to Spot them and Stop Playing the Victim

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We all manipulate things in our world. In fact, that is the only way that we can survive our environment. There are good ways and reasons for manipulation, and then there are ways that manipulative people twist emotions and circumstances around them to take advantage or to control them. Manipulative people can be both your best friend and your worst nightmare. Being able to get what they want, when you are their friend, you can gain some of the same advantages that they do. Being their foe or worse yet, the person who they manipulate can lead to feeling used, empty, and lost.

10 tricks to deflect manipulative people…..

Since you can’t trust them, or what they do and say, they can rob you of your security, happiness, and sense of who you are. Stop letting people manipulate you into being, doing, or saying things that you don’t mean by using these 10 tricks to deflect their manipulation.

1….. Ignore what they tell you about yourself.

One of the best ways to manipulate and control someone is to convince them that they aren’t worthy of love or attention. So, manipulative people go to great lengths to make sure to gain control over those they use. If you want to combat manipulative people in your life, you have to stop listening to what they tell you.

2… Don’t get sucked in.

Yup, manipulative people know exactly the right buttons to push to go from zero to crazy. If you notice that you are suddenly behaving in ways that you haven’t before, or finding yourself losing your temper, there is a likelihood that they are intentionally setting off the crazy in you.No matter what buttons they use, the only way to deal with manipulative people is not to get sucked in. No matter how hard it is, those things that hurt the most have to be the glue that bounces off of you and gets stuck to them.

3…. Find out what makes them tick.

Manipulative people are especially good at one thing… finding your Kryptonite. The best way to save yourself from the manipulative people in your life is to find out that thing that makes them powerless. You have to fight fire with fire when you are dealing with a manipulative person.Once you find out what makes them tick, you can use it against them to get them to stop abusing you. Holding things out as a reward, using things that hurt them, or withholding things they desire, you can turn the manipulation right back on them and take the pain and hurt off you.

4… Boost your own self-esteem.

Typically, manipulative people find others who are easy to manipulate. They target people who are in crisis or have low self-esteem because they make it easy to manipulate. The best way to deal with manipulative people is by boosting yourself up and remembering all the wonderful things you possess.

5… Be unpredictable.

People use predictable behaviors to manipulate others. If they know that you will always react in a specific way, show up at a particular time, or give in under certain circumstances, they use that predictability to control you.Make sure to mix it up all the time to try to divert their abuse. Don’t feed into the predictable nature of your abusive relationship. Always keep them guessing about your comings and your goings, don’t be there when you are supposed to like clockwork, and don’t be their punching bag when they think you will.

6… Stop giving in.

Another one of the things that manipulative people are very, very, good at is guilt. By making you feel guilty about what you do, they can control you. Like that bad sitcom where someone saves someone else’s life only to be indebted to them forever, a manipulative person will use guilt to make you do what they want.The worst part about this is that it is a cycle. They push your buttons so that you behave in a way that you aren’t proud of, and then make you feel guilty to control you.Once you are finally over the guilt, they push your buttons again to get the circle back in the circuit. Masters of their trade, guilt is something that mothers use for good not evil. But manipulative people only use their powers for evil.

7… Stop waiting for their permission.

Manipulative people will make you feel like you can’t do anything without asking. If you do, there is hell to pay. The problem is that you are stuck no matter what it is that you want. Always waiting for the approval of someone else can make you feel bottomed out and alone. Soon enough, you feel like you can’t breathe without them saying it is okay. A vicious cycle, it is much better to deal with the repercussions of doing something wrong than being paralyzed by not ever being able to make a decision for yourself. Make your own decisions.What you will find is that no matter what choices you make, they won’t be happy with it. That is the whole idea behind manipulating people. But, you won’t be sitting around waiting and being controlled to find misery anyway.

8…. Realize there’s no free lunch.

When a manipulative person does something for you, there is always payback. Just like the “free cat” that ends up costing you a fortune in vet bills to make it well again, if you allow a manipulative person to do a “favor” for you, then they have you, and they own you. If they do something, realize that there will always be payback and decide if it is worth it, or if you should just do it on your own.

9… Know what you want in life.

The way that manipulative people work is by convincing you that they are the goal. If you have a goal, something to believe in, and a faith in what you are working toward, then you won’t worry so much about what they do and how they respond or react to you. Believing in something greater than just your relationship with them or their conditional love will help you find your freedom from them. Having a goal and working toward it will help you see a pathway away from the chains of a manipulative person.

10… Take responsibility for yourself.

Manipulative people can only manipulate you if you let them. If you let them, then that is on you. Many people get stuck in abusive relationships feeling less than they want, making stupid moves, and being people they don’t want to be because they don’t take responsibility for their actions.If you take responsibility and start walking away instead of chasing them, making your own decisions instead of waiting for their approval, and not freaking out and showing your crazy eyes that always leads to guilt, then you will break free from their control.

Making GIGO Hasid wear a hijab for the Vogue Arabia cover is a really stupid move

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Apart from being the girlfriend of ex-One Direction star Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid is one of the most celebrated models in the world. In fact, 20-year-old Hadid has already been on 17 Vogue magazine covers, all unique in their own sense.

However, her latest photo shoot for the debut issue of Vogue Arabia has landed the model in a soup.

The cover of the magazine has Hadid posing with a crystal veil or a niqab covering half of her face. Now, this exotic-looking piece of clothing is worn in all forms by Arabic women, but it is, after all, patriarchy wrapped in tradition and religious norms. And we didn’t expect someone as empowered as Hadid to make a fashion statement out of it.

But, it is not just the cover that is inviting the ire of liberal-minded people. The inside layout of the magazine features the model in a pink-purple hijab and a full-sleeve ensemble–quite a paradox to her usual self.

What stands conspicuous here is that Hadid, though of half-Palestinian decent from her father’s side, is not a practicing Muslim. In fact, her mother Yolanda Hadid is of Dutch-American ancestry. Bestowed with a diverse heritage, there was absolutely no need for the model to sport the traditional headgear. A hijab or a veil, no matter what colour or embellishments it is decorated with, is not fashion. It is tradition that has been imposed on Muslim women for centuries. One that now needs to be rectified. And using a famous model like Hadid, who has quite a fan following worldwide to endorse it equates to promoting hijab culture.

Vogue Arabia, in a bid to appear glamorous and at par with its global contemporaries can very well make celebrated models pose for their covers, but burdening them with their culture is really not okay.

In a new boost to the male ego, there is now a condom that measures thrusts and velocity

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Have you ever wondered if your partner is just lazy in bed or if he is actually unaware about the nuances of lovemaking? Ladies, don’t worry, we have all been there.But, to make matters easier for you and your partner regarding rising to the occasion quite literally, a condom company has come up with a smart condom. Developed by British Condoms, this nifty little thing works just like Fit bit but only for the male organ! That’s right. The icon Smart Condom will measure girth, velocity and frequency of thrusts, number of calories burned during intercourse, and number of different positions used in a period of time.Not to mention this very smart condom will also gauge how your partner’s performance fares as compared to other men around the world. Yup, folks! It’s terribly sexy–or daunting–online community!Although, it’s not really a condom, but more like a ring that fits around a regular condom. The Smart Condom can last for eight hours on a single charge, which is more than we can say about men–but hey, here’s hoping! It uses a nana-chip and sensors, is adjustable for size, and gives the user the option of sharing his between the sheets with friends and family.It also gives men another reason to boast their prowess (talk about a boost to the male ego). Imagine a post by someone that says “XYZ tried these many sex positions last night.” Too much information, right? But not everything is about how great (or Tai Tai phases) a man is in the bed. The product can gauge whether your partner has sexually transmitted diseases (STD) like syphilis or chlamydia.

It costs $74 and is available for pre-order. Although, we wonder if it’s actually a con by the icon and if this Smart Condom would really, actually work.

Karalla girl saves herself and 9 other girls from being forced into child marriage

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How often have we criticized all evils that prevail in the Indian society over lunches, coffees, and tea breaks? But, have we ever showed the strength to instigate a change? Hardly ever. Well, we ought to take inspiration from the 15-year-old Karalla girl, who prevented 10 child marriages from taking place. On Sunday, the girl made a frantic call to Childlike, a helpline for children in distress and narrated her ordeal. A resident of Karuvarakkundue, an impoverished village in the state, she explained to the volunteers that she was being forced into an arranged marriage by her parents. She, on the other hand, wanted to study further.Fortunately, her call also saved the lives of nine others girls–all underage, who were to get married against their wishes. As soon as the volunteers got the frantic call, they swung into action.According to a report by The Hindu, Childlike officials rushed to the village and found nine more girls under the age of 18, were to be wedded in the coming weeks when schools close for summer vacation.The volunteers after gauging the situation contacted a local Pantheist member, who refused to intervene. Seeing no other alternative, they then went on to seek help from the local district administration and social welfare board.Surprisingly, the officials were able to talk some sense into the minds of the parents, who later cancelled the wedding plans. All thanks to the presence of mind and courage shown by the girl.” Initially, the parents resisted our move. We had to hold several counseling sessions to make them aware of the dangers of child marriage,” said Childlike district coordinator, An war Karakkadan, in an interview to Hindustan Times. “Some of the parents even told us that we would have to find a suitable match for their daughters once they were of marriageable age,” he continued.Despite government campaigns, child marriages still continue to plague our society. It’s imperative for the parents to understand that an early marriage of their underage daughter spells nothing but doom.

How to Pleasure a Woman: 16 Moves that’ll turn her on Every Time.

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It’s obvious that men and women are different, but women aren’t as complicated as men think they are. So, here’s how to pleasure a woman. When it comes to knowing how to pleasure a woman and turn her on, men think about how they like being turned on, and then apply it. But the thing is, we’re different. If we had penises, sure, then we would get turned on by dick picks and text messages that start with, “hays.” However, that’s not the case, fells.

How to pleasure a woman – 16 moves that would appeal to almost all women

Before you read any further, you should know that every woman is different. However, there are general acts which would turn most women on.So, if you try something from this list and it isn’t doing the trick, you keep moving forward and try something else. You’ll hit the spot, it just may take a couple tries. If you pay attention, this will be a breeze. Here’s how to pleasure a woman.

….1 is you in bed.

 I know you want to look like a man in bed, and trust me, you are. But don’t force it. Don’t focus on trying to impress her, but instead just focus on the moment.If you’re spending too much time trying to impress her, then you move the attention away from pleasuring her and turn it into an ego thing.

2…. Don’t play the guessing game. 

Sure, you can spend some time figuring out what she’s into – nibbling her earlobes, licking her neck… that’s all fine and dandy. But if you’re not getting a response, then just ask her straight up what turns her on. That way, you cut through all the crap and can focus on pleasing her.

3…. Take it up a notch with foreplay.

 Focus the majority of your time on foreplay. The sex is going to happen eventually, but what really turns women on is foreplay. We love kissing, touch, licking, and biting. It’s sensual and it gets us going. Many men jump past this, but it’s crucial if you want the sex to be passionate and, well, wet.

4… Don’t rush.

 If you want to know how to pleasure a woman, for God’s sake, take your time. There’s really no need to rush, unless you’re having a quickie. So, just enjoy the moment. Learn your partner’s body and just have fun exploring it. I mean, you’re already naked with them, so you might as well take it all in.

5… Switch up the routine. 

Don’t be shy trying out new things. In fact, we appreciate it when you want to try new things. Sometimes, it won’t work, but the point is that you’re not stuck in the 1, 2, 3 sex routine which makes us pass out midway through sex.

6…. Don’t focus on just one body part.

 Men love breasts and vagina. I completely understand that. However, women have so many erogenous zones that get ignored in the meantime. Not every woman gets turned on when you play with their breasts. Instead, they may be turned on when you lick or kiss their neck instead. You need to explore this.

7…. Know what hits the G-spot.

 We all have a G-spot. However, for men and women, it’s slightly different. The best position to reach her G-spot is doggy style. While doing doggy, put your hand on her clitoris and rub it… that’ll get her going.

8…. Don’t forget about kissing.

 I know it’s all hot and sweaty and you’re focusing on having sex, but kissing is very much a part of it. Women love kissing during sex because it makes us feel more connected and wanted by our partners. So, kiss, kiss, and kiss.

9 Go down on her.

 Dear God, just do it… if you REALLY want to know how to pleasure a woman. We go down on you guys, so I’m not sure what the problem is. We even swallow your cum, so, get over it. Some men have such a phobia of it, but it gives us so much pleasure. I recommend the “figure 8” technique – it’s pretty self-explanatory.

10……  Be slightly aggressive.

 Women love men who take what they want. So, be a little aggressive. If you’re worried about how aggressive you are, pull her hair lightly or smack her ass. She’ll let you know if she wants more or less. So, just test her comfort level and how much aggression turns her on.

11 Know your female anatomy.

 If you want to go down on her, you best know where the clitoris is. Or else you’ll be doing, well, I don’t know what you’ll be doing down there and neither will she. Google it, watch some porn, whatever you have to do to educate yourself… just do it.

12……  Don’t forget the anus.

 People are so uncomfortable about the anus, however, that’s where hundreds of nerve endings are, so lemma tell yaw, it feels good to have somebody down there. As long as they’re clean, you should have no problem with exploring that part of the body.

13……  Start turning her on way before the bedroom.

 Don’t just wait until the music turns on and the lights dim down for you to start turning her on. Man, start that way in advance. Get the dirty texts going while she’s at work; grab her ass while she’s walking through the front door. Women need some time to get turned on, so get her worked up earlier in the day.

14 Compliment her. 

We want to feel desired. I mean, I think everyone wants to feel desired. It’s what we all strive for. So, while having sex with her, compliment her. Now, don’t overdo it, we can tell when it becomes disingenuous. But in that moment, if you think she looks beautiful, say it.

15……  Exercise.

 If you’re worried about your stamina, then start working out. Get that blood pumping and your cardiovascular system going so that you don’t have that fear when it’s time to have sex. You need to take care of yourself. Plus, women get turned on when we see a sweaty guy at the gym.

16……  Don’t focus on your orgasm.

 Okay, sex is about you, but it’s also about her. So, don’t focus so much on your dick. So many guys just focus on pleasing themselves, and in the meantime, they totally ignore the woman’s needs. It’s not always about you, so share the pleasure.

So now that you know how to pleasure a woman and what turns us on, it’s time that you start putting these tips to use. The sooner you start the better.