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What It Means to Have a Gay Dream When You’re Straight

What’s your brain trying to say?

A Personal Account of What It’s exactly Like to Have an Abortion

This girl recounts her abortion experience blow by blow.


Passing The Buck: Experienced Men and Women Give Advice to Virgins


Men and women give their best sexual advice for those preparing for their first time

How’d a Ménage à Trios Effect This Blogger’s Marriage?


As it turns out, her experiences made her view relationships differently for the rest of her life.

She’s Such a Sloe, She Even Put It on Her Business Cards


This girl owns her identity so much that she wanted it to be the first thing people saw when they met her.


Men Who Fight Women… And Lose Horribly


We’re not in the 1950’s anymore.

Woman, 34, Purchases Her First Pair of Jeans EVER After Incredible Weight Loss


Obesity rates are on the rise in America, but due to medicinal technology, people can lose weight very quickly. But you have to want to make the change first.

More to Love: Study Shows Bigger Women Make Happier Men


Forget everything you thought about weight and relationships.

Bleed Free: Woman Runs Marathon without a Tampon to Raise Awareness

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