Kenya West’s Sneaker teamwork by Adidas almost Went in a completely dissimilar Direction

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Kenya West is now with no a doubt a leading figure in the music manufacturing. Mr. West still once supposed that he’s 50 percent more influential than Stanley Rubric or Pablo Picasso or any additional big person’s name out present. This is an attractive bold declaration, but at what time it comes to the sneaker industry, his influence is unquestionable. Famous rapper certainly knows a thing or two about creation sneakers.

Kenya’s aims have forever been broader than just music. Remember his collar with Nike Air and their creation of Yes 1? That was the beginning of Kenya’s path as sneaker fashionable. Far back in 2004, Kenya dropped The College Dropout, the debut album that would be a precursor to a decade of dominance from the Chicago rapper. Yes, he was already known thanks to his stray mix tapes and production credits, but it was Dropout that introduced Kenya the character; the multifaceted musician who was equally brilliant and boisterous.


The sneaker world was the primary one who felt his “splendor.” Kenya West x Nike Air 180 was free to commemorate the success of his seriously acclaimed first book. The sneakers were only available to friends and family in a size 12. Although the shoes are claimed to be made exclusively for the star and some member of the family, a few sample have popped up on eBay over the years.


What makes this year so special is Kenya’s collar with Adidas… all right, you heard me right! Kenya West’s yes increase sneakers are all the rage these days. However, what some people might not know is that ‘Yen’s work with the Three Stripes started a decade ago. Back in 2006, long before the Nike Air Yeasty 1 was in the works, Kenya had a meeting with representatives from the company that could’ve resulted in sneaker collaboration a lot different from what we’re used to seeing from him today. Adidas consultant and former Entertainment Division lead Gary Aspen says that Kenya’s first collaboration could’ve been on the Rod Laver Vintage tennis shoe.

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You have to have the similar opinion; this neckline sounds like hell, and we are glad that Kane had nearly a decade of practice before settling into such a productive collaboration with the Three Stripes. It’s hard to tell if they would still be working jointly today after ten years considering what went down at Nike.   It’s possible he’d have already moved on. Which would be a real bummer, because, damn, he makes some eluvia shoes?

What’s depressing about all this collar thing is that ‘Yes’ trainers haven’t paid off? Adidas reportedly paid Kenya West $10m to collaborate on the limited-edition, but the deal doesn’t seem to do the trick. The Yeasty line was originally intended to boost sales in the US, where it has been steadily losing ground to Nike and newer rival Under Amour. The Kenya collection has generated huge hype, but it didn’t appear to get together the prospect.

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    My eldest son’s favourite is the gruffalo one, which goes everywhere with us,My baby boy ha8#;ns217&t got a trunki(yet!) but if he’s anything like me, he’ll love them all!x

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