How to Propose to a Girl: 17 Memorable Ways to Make It Special……..

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Don’t worry. We have the answers for you. But let’s start with why the marriage proposal is important to a girl. Because you probably don’t really understand.

Why a proposal is important to a girl

Unfortunately, the expectations are probably high for you to give her the “perfect proposal.” I know, it’s not fair. Why does the guy have to do anything more than utter the four simple words, “Will you marry me?” I mean, it’s straight to the point and accomplishes your goal. But that’s not what she wants. And here’s why.

#1 It’s like a fairy tale. We all grow up with Disney movies, fairy tales, and chick flicks that teach us that we want to be Cinderella and find our Prince. These romantic story lines are ingrained into our consciousness, so we want to be a part of that by having a super romantic proposal.

#2 It’s bragging rights. When someone asks a woman, “How did he propose?” she doesn’t want to say, “Well, he spontaneously blurted it out while we were having sex.” She wants to brag to her friends about how awesome her proposal was! Whether you like it or not, it’s true.

#3 It’s a good story. Your girl wants to tell your grandchildren her proposal story. And pretty much everyone she meets. She wants to be the envy of everyone because she had such an amazing proposal that met all her expectations.

#4 It is a measure of your love for her. Okay, I know it’s not fair, but in a girl’s mind, she measures your love for her by how you propose to her. I know, I know! I said it wasn’t fair to you. But you don’t want her thinking, “If only he loved me more, he would have done something more special.”

#5 She’s been dreaming of it her whole life. It’s that one moment all girls dream of. Her Prince has finally decided to spend the rest of his life with her, and she can’t believe it has arrived! It’s a momentous occasion for girls.

Creative tips for how to propose to a girl

Now that I have you all worried and you’re probably thinking of running for the hills, calm down. I have some unique tips for how to propose to a girl. Look them over and do what feels right to you. Here they are.

#1 Create a scavenger hunt. You’ve been to an Easter egg hunt, right? Well, create something like that with little clues to find the prize *the ring* at the end.

#2 Make a movie of your photos and videos. I’m sure there are tons of photos and videos of the two of you on social media and/or your phones. Put them into a video with music with “Will You Marry Me?” at the very end.

#3 Propose at the beach. This is a good option if you live near a beach or are going to be on vacation. Write “Will You Marry Me?” in the sand before you go for a walk. Better yet, include her name so she knows the message is for her.

#4 Take her on vacation. Even if you don’t go on vacation to a beach, anywhere can be romantic. Proposing on vacation is something out of the ordinary. It’s different than proposing in your kitchen at home. Now, that would be lame.

#5 Do it during a sporting event. You’ve probably seen it a bunch of times on TV and Youtube. Arrange ahead of time to put “Will you marry me, Sara?” on the board at halftime. The crowd will love it… especially her!

#6 At a good friend or family member’s wedding. Now, you’ll have to check with the people ahead of time because you don’t want to ruin someone else’s special day. But it could be very cool, and something she won’t expect.

#7 Flash mob. Okay, this one is super ambitious. But even if you grab a group of your friends and/or family members, it’s very cool and memorable way to propose. Especially if she’s a really fun person, she’ll love it!

#8 Ring in the champagne. This one is pretty typical. Take her out for a fancy dinner, and then when she isn’t looking, slip the ring in the champagne. Just don’t forget to get down on your knee.

#9 Hide the ring in multiple boxes. Maybe it’s her birthday, or you just got back from a business trip. Get her a present, but put the ring in a series of a lot of bigger boxes so she has to dig through them all to get to it.

#10 Surprise her on a business trip. Maybe she’s in New Orleans for business, well, fly there and show up at her hotel room with flowers, champagne, and the ring. She’ll be very surprised!

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