How To Cheat On A Girl Without Being Caught

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Millions of men every day make mostly the same mistakes that lead to numerous breakups. The first mistake is they start serious relations without being ready to let go the rest of fancy ladies they meet up with from time to time for bedroom purpose only. The second big mistake – they do not cover up all the tracks. Women are much smarter than they want to seem. You will be surprised to discover the methods they use to unveil needed information. Even the spies are not as skilled as women suspecting their men in cheating. If you are polygamous and do not plan to stop your multiple affairs – you will need these easy but pretty smart tips.

No matter how hard you will try to hide them – these images will leak sooner or later. Do not take pictures no matter where you go or what you do when going out with another woman. Even a photo of a cute kitty you saw in the street can cause you a huge trouble. Forget about cameras and make your dates stay private as they are supposed to be. Get a good habit to never text to your lovers. What is more important – never put their numbers in your phone book. Learn numbers by heart and never reply such calls at home or whenever your partner is near. Your often absences for phone calls can cause certain questions. Erase all calls you receive or make instantly after they are ended up. Your contact list should be pure without a sign of another woman. Ask your dates to wear no perfume when you meet up. Alternatively, buy her the one your wife or girlfriend prefers. Thus, there will be no misunderstanding or smell of another woman from you. If you have a habit of taking shower after secret dates – get the soap or shower gel you have at home. Women notice every detail.

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