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Evolution is the cause why women regret having one night stands, as well as men regret not having additional

Tinder has made hookups a cake walk–you can match with just anybody with a single swipe. However, women often end up feeling guilty after casual encounters. If you thought it was since of the societal implication of one-night stands, then you are incorrect.

According to a recent study, a woman’s body is wired to feel guilty after waking up in a stranger’s bed. Yes, even evolution is against us having a night of informal fun.

The study conduct by researchers at Norwegian University of Science and Technology’s (NTNU) department of psychology has found that women regret agreeing to a one-night stand more often than men. But, men regret passing up the chance more than women do.

“Due to discriminating pressure from the big difference in parental investment, one would expect men and women to regret different aspects of casual sex decision,” Prof Leif Edward Osteen Kenai of NTNU said.

In the study, only one-third of women said they were pleased with their casual sex experience, compared to over 50% of men who shared the same feeling.

According to the researchers, the evolutionary psychology behind one-night stands is due to years and years of gender differences. The scientists also said that the gender difference arises from opposing sexual strategies adopted by the two sexes. As women carry children, our fundamental relationship with sex is much different than that of our male counterparts.

“We’re not saying that there aren’t men who regret casual sex. But it is far more ordinary for women to regret saying yes. They are also less unequivocally happy about the experience,” Kenai additional.

The scientists found that eight in 10 women said they were glad that they had said no to a recent opportunity for casual sex, compared to just 43% of men. Men in the study were also found to enjoy the sex more, with more men saying they had orgasmic as compared to women.

The team said that women worry more in general about making spontaneous decisions, and mostly do not engage in actions which put them in danger. Women also worry about flattering pregnant, Sties, and getting a bad reputation–all of which leads to more regrets as compared to men.

So girls, the next time you are making that dreaded walk of shame the morning after, don’t be too hard on yourself. Just blame it on development!

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Let’s not fuck approximately. The holidays could not be more upon us and you’re obviously reading this because you have no idea what to get your friends and family. So let me break it down for you in terms of your best bets for classy as shit gifts you can get for your friends who deserve lure gifts.

I know it might seem like a candle would suffice but come on, they’re your loved ones, which is why I know they deserve the best of the best. But also I know you are down to the wire so let’s just get down to it and get you gifting stuff they’ll open and be like, “OMG! You definitely didn’t forget about this/me until like 3 days ago!”

Granted, some of these aren’t necessarily available in stores near you, so it might be too late to ship, but, come on, I came up with all of these, so you can figure out how to get them in time or just give them to them late. It’s fine.

Here are my fives.

Peritonea MD Cocoa Moisture Mask

Dr. Periscope’s products are always super extra anyway, but this new mask uses cocoa-enriched (hello) microcapsules to provide an intense boost of hydration, allowing skin to immediately look and feels firmer and more hydrated. Plus, chocolate, did I mention chocolate? Cool.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Egg Nag Perfume

If you have a friend who loves crazy perfumes and also the holidays, why not spoil them with a weirdo perfume that smells like delicious seasonal beverages? Also, BPAL has some of my favorite all-time fragrances in general and introduced an entire seasonal line, so the options for “yay, it smells like the holidays” gift fragrances are pretty lengthy.

Flirt Cosmetics False Lashes Applicator 

If you have a friend who loves doing fake eyelashes, this lash applicator unit holds 40 lash buds, giving you instant, colorful party glam without the sticky nightmare it usually involves. So cool.

This Works Hand Makeover

For all your friends whose hands are looking jacked by winter, this trio of hard-working hand creams provide intense moisture, with anti-aging blends of rose and mimosa, vitamin e and blackcurrant oil, and retinol and botanical oils respectively. They’ll be looking human in no time.

Peoria Restore Your Radiance Collection

If you have a friend who loves fancy plant origin stem cells and wants to look energized and chill, this luxury gift box featuring said cells oughtta do it.

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What are some of the hottest Tumbler porn accounts to masturbate to? And why is it so hard to find them?

Well, in general, it can be pretty hard to find great porn in a pinch. Even on Tumblr (patron saint of GIF porn) it can be hard to find porn that fits your specific needs, because porn is so subjective and Tumbler is huge. That said, there are a few things you’re probably going to want to seek out. But to make it easy on you, here are some of the hottest Tumbler porn accounts to masturbate to. You’re welcome.

** Taste this pooled money

Simply put, if you want to see a lot of dicks and a lot of oral sex, welcome to your heaven.

** Indifferent Cats in Amateur Porn

Hilarious yet hot, this site features amateur porn ruined (or enhanced, depending on your view of things) by cats.

** Addicted To Fucking and Sex

That’s a site name that doesn’t want to beat around the bush, am I right?

** Lady Cheeky

With sections of BBW appreciators and sapiosexuals alike, sifting through Lady Cheeky is like going through a naughty, yet refined collection of super hot images for someone who wants a mental turn-on just as much as a physical one.

** Lick Her Pussy Every Day

If you’re in the mood to not see a ton of penises (but will def occasionally see some), go here.

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I Hate My Boyfriend: 13 Surefire habits to Get Him to put you.

So, you say, “I hate my boyfriend, and he annoys the hell out of me”? How do you get him to dump you? Read up on these surefire tips to set you gratis.

How to get him to put you

If you’re having a hard time breaking up, and an even harder time staying in the relationship, get it all over and done with and make him think he’s the one who’s dumping you instead of the other way around. Read these tips to find out how.

**Put him on a pedestal.

Or at least, make him believe so. Make it seem like you had a sudden revelation. You can now see with clear vision you are just a lowly country girl never at par with someone like him. Practice your lines as you tell him how much you don’t deserve him that he deserves someone better, someone more sophisticated, more mature, more of everything you can by no means be.

** Works best:

For yuppie guys, older men, or guys who are generally overachievers and well-off in life.

**Cold shoulder, cold turkey.

Just when he thinks he’s secure in the relationship *and all the while you’re getting bored as hell*, give him a sudden silent treatment. Like you suddenly fell off the face of the earth. Don’t respond to his text messages, emails, is, comments—better yet, just turn off your phone.

Don’t show up in places where you usually meet. If he goes to your place all worried, show an utter lack of apathy and just shrug it off. Or tell him you’ve been busy, and you forgot about him.

**Works best: 

if you have already established a communication and date routine, or if the guy is clingy and needy.


This is better if you build this up over time, like a couple of weeks. Mention a little bit about where your ex used to work, and gradually talk about all your other exes and how this or that reminded you of them.

And then one day, go all out and talk about your exes all the time. If you find a way to compare him with any or all your exes, so much better.

** Works best: 

For guys who are insecure about your successful, rich, handsome, long-term exes.

**Name drop.

While having sex, scream, “Yes, oh yes! Danny Marquette!” or mention some other guy’s name *like an ex or someone he knows from your office*. Or, if he has a guy you know he’s jealous of, mention that name while you’re about to come. He’ll be blown out of his wits so much that he’ll really consider just bowing out. Bingo! *but he’s going to really hate you for this!*

Forget looks.

Yes. Bring out that uncaring, unsex, unappetizing side of you. The side that always comes up when you’re alone and on your period and would rather be in your sweats eating ice cream and not taking a bath for days.

Stop getting pretty, wears awful baggy clothes, ditch the makeup, and better yet throw the deo in the garbage. The bigger of a slob you are, the faster he’ll run away from you.

Works best:

 For guys who are nitpicky, metrosexual, or superficial ones, or those who always compliment you on how pretty or sexy you are.

**Forget holidays.

And birthdays. And any other important days you would have spent together in a special or celebratory way. If he expects you to show up with him at his parents’ anniversary, tell him you totally forgot or just admit that you don’t want to come. Make him feel what he finds important is trivial for you. You won’t waste your rest days for those things.

**Works best:

 On guys who are big on holidays and family.

**Make him jealous. 

Nothing hurts a man’s ego more than if you make him feel inferior in front of another man. Make him jealous every way you can. Out in a bar having drinks? Flirt with the bartender. In an exhibit? Cozy up with the artist. In the supermarket? Wink and smile sexily at every guy that looks at you. In his family reunion? Flirt with his brother—or dad, if you’re that daring.

Works best: for almost every guy, especially the clingy ones and even the over-confident ones too.

**Go out with his best bud.

 Find out what you can about his best friend and when the time is right, catch the best friend alone and try getting frisky with him. Or ask the best bud for favors, like if he can fix your plumbing, check out your car’s engine, accompany you shopping for gifts for your boyfriend—but end up flinging yourself on him. If you end up having sex, then better—make sure your boyfriend knows all about it.

**Forget sex.

 It’s no secret—men *and yes, women too* are highly sexual beings. They love to touch and be touched, kiss and be kissed. They expect sex from their girlfriends, too, of course. On your date night, instead of the usual routine of making out and having sex right after dinner and some wine, decline his advances.

Tell him any excuse why you don’t want to have sex every time an opportunity comes. Sooner or later, he’ll be wandering around and forgetting about you.

**10 Cling on.

Be super clingy. Like, the type who’d text him every 30 minutes and have a nervous breakdown if he doesn’t reply within two minutes of your last text.

At work, show up unexpectedly because you just want to see him. Call him in the middle of the night just because you miss him and can’t sleep. Send him a hundred “I love you’s” with all the sweet emesis you can use. Sooner or later, he’ll break and breakup with you.

**Works best:

 if you already know he’s an independent type who’s easily turned off by needy, clingy women.

**Trash him.

Be all singing and dancing while sipping on your fruit smoothie and even if he thinks you’re hot shimmying all over the house, it all goes down when you spill your drink all over his computer, phone, game consoles, and collection of precious, precious Pokémon cards.

**Make a scene.

 When you’re out for dinner, pretend you saw your boyfriend flirting with the waiter or another girl in the restaurant. If he denies it, slowly raise your voice until everyone starts to look. And that’s your cue.

Stand up and shout on the top of your lungs, “Don’t deny it! I saw you flirting with her!” and then point at some random woman in the room. Be utterly illogical and embarrassing. We bet your boyfriend is going to be so embarrassed he’ll break up with you right there and then.

**Just say it.

Just say you hate his guts. Say it loud and say it clear so there’s no room for misunderstanding. If he doesn’t believe you, say it again. You hate him. You hate how he just leaves his dirty clothes on the floor and not on the hamper, how he doesn’t open doors for you anymore, how he eyes other ladies like you’re not there, and how he just utterly annoys the living bejeezus out of you. Say it.

You can do a combo of two or three of the tips above at the same time. Go ahead. Act crazy. If there’s ever one moment you just want to act out and go crazy and channel all the angst you’ve been feeling against the world—take it out on your boyfriend. If he cheated on you, abused you, disappointed you countless times, or just used you, then he deserves to be booted out.

Also, you can always give him a cake that says, “I think we should see other people.” And then dump it on his face. In front of his buddies. Before you make a graceful exit. THAT is always a good idea.

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How to Smile more frequently: 6 Baby Steps to Change Your Life everlastingly

Smile and laughter are powerful forces of nature. When we smile and laugh, our bodies release endorphins and dopamine—nature’s feel-good chemicals. They improve our moods by making us feel calmer and happier. If it makes us feel so good, learning how to smile more often should be a mission for us all!

Generally, it allows us to cope better with stress, find hope, as well as see problems in a new light. The power of smiling and laughter should never be underestimated, as it turns a negative thought or moment into something with opportunity and positivist.

Smiling and laughter relieves stress

Yesterday I left the office under stress and scrutinizing the day’s events. What went well? What was finished? Where can I improve? On top of that I also ran through the list of to-dos at home. Do we have groceries? Is the laundry done? Did I make the credit card payment?

My head was near ready to explode with the mental list I obsessed over. I suppose I had a giant scowl on my face because as I was driving and looked over to the little boy on the moped beside me, his face was priceless. He took one look at my serious expression, and glared at me with the most sincere and stern eyes.

Now getting such a serious frown from a five-year-old was concerning. I must have been wearing quite the look. But what happened next was perfect, after a moment of seriousness he broke into a giant smile and starting laughing.

I couldn’t help my reaction. I instantly smiled back and giggled to myself. His innocent smile was so honest and open I couldn’t help but return the happiness he expressed to me.

Lo and behold, I forgot about what I was thinking and just felt lighter. As Charles Dickens once wrote, “There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor,” and this child proved that to be so inherently true.

For kids, smiling and laughter comes as second nature. They don’t dwell on what happened or didn’t happen, and don’t obsess over what’s to come. They live each moment, and never question themselves or their emotions. This little guy on my commute home from work set me straight. I realized I need to stop scowling and remember to smile more often.

How to smile more often – And lead a better life

For some people, smiling and laughing is almost second nature, they do it frequently and genuinely. For others, it doesn’t come as natural. We must make the extra effort to smile and laugh more often.

There are several ways to do this. Some include making smiling cues or the age-old technique of faking it until you make it.



** Practice smiling a lot.

 When you practice smiling it becomes easier and easier over time to do more naturally. You practice while looking in the mirror when you’re getting ready for your day. Eventually your smile looks less forced or strained, and your confidence sky rockets when you automatically smile at a situation without having to think too much about the response.

When you practice smiling, you start to see things in a more positive light and eventually rewire your brain to see more situations from a positive perspective, versus a stressful or negative one. Even if at first it feels a little forced and faked, it still works. Just keep practicing

** Create smile cues. 

To get in the practice of smiling more often, you cannot only practice in the mirror but you can also create cues or reminders to smile. Tell yourself you are going to smile every time you open the door, see a dog or a baby, drink a coffee or go for a run.

Choose whatever you want to be your smile cues, but hold true–if you’re doing the action that’s part of a cue then you should smile! Choose simple things you’ll remember and keep smiling.

** Change your perspective.

Think happy thoughts. Honestly, it works. If you’re thinking happy and positive thoughts, you automatically smile more often!

If you find it difficult to break the rut of negative thinking or a pessimistic attitude, try taking sixty seconds to change your perspective. Be still. Try not to give into the thoughts racing around in your head, and let your body just relax into a peaceful state.

Free of stress, self-doubt, work deadlines, and to-do lists, just focus on letting your mind be empty. It’s only sixty seconds, but it works to make you feel lighter. Change your perspective to allow more positivist in your day.

It’s kind of a quick meditation to clear your head and get you back on track to think in a more optimistic way, and with that comes more smiles and laughter.

** Smile at everyone. 

You might think this sounds ridiculous, but smile at everyone you see. Simply smiling at every person you come across in a day opens opportunities to happiness and generally feeling good about yourself and your life.

If you meet eyes with someone on your commute to work, instead of quickly looking away, make eye contact and smile at them. When you’re interacting with coworkers, smile. Even if you’re confronted with a situation or person that makes you feel uncertain, and you’re deciding between being stern and smiling, just think of one positive thing about the situation and choose to smile.

You’ll instantly feel happier when you choose to smile, and you make that other person feel good as well. Smiles are contagious so if you smile to everyone you see in a day. They pass on a smile to someone else that means a lot of passed on happiness.

** Smile a lot.

 Smile when you’re happy, when you feel love, when you feel playful, and even when you’re feeling sad or stressed. Smiling when you’re feeling good is simple, as it’s a natural reaction to smile when you’re happy.

Smiling out of love sometimes takes a bit more courage, as we might feel shy or embarrassed. But if you’re thinking of someone you care about, or something that you genuinely love, just smile. Be grateful you have someone or something to be passionate about.

Take a cue from the little five-year-old that set me straight, or from any other happy little one and remember openly smiling and laughing is an amazing opportunity to stop stressing and feel greater happiness.

Integrating smiling and laughter into your day will increase your positivist, decrease your stress, and generally make you feel more at ease in most situations.

Laughter and smiling not only makes you live a happier, healthier, less stressful and longer life, it also makes other people feel good as well. Passing on a smile instead of a scowl is much more beneficial for yourself and everyone around you.


** Smile the moment you wake up. 

The first thing after waking up, before you get up from bed, right after you open your eyes is… SMILE! This may sound too simple, but smiling first thing in the morning packs a great punch.

If you smile the moment you wake, you set the tone for the rest of your day. You instantly feel better about whatever the day has in store. It helps you approach the day’s challenges with a positive attitude. It also does wonders for helping with morning drowsiness, as smiling gets you up and moving quickly!