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Celebrities Who Lost or Almost Lost It All Over Alcohol or Drugs


It is awful to see how someone you actually like transforms into a live zombie. Too many famous people drowned in alcohol or drugs ruining their careers and sometimes giving away lives. We keep them in memory as brilliant artists with cute faces as they were soon after becoming famous. Although today they can look quite different.

Amy Wine house
pik 1
Her tragic story is an open wound of all fans that loved Amy as a talented singer and a songwriter. She has preferred drugs addiction to her career and even life.

Whitney Houston
pik 2
Another musical genius who sacrificed her talent. There are rumors that she lost her voice and could hardly thing in the last few years of her life.

Lindsay Loan
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from cute child to a freak in just a few years. Numerous mug shots and drunken hi-jinks made most of Lindsay’s fans turn their backs.

Charlie Sheen
pik 4
once he was a dream of millions, now he can hardly take a step without a glass of whiskey in his hand.


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What to perform if you succeed the Lottery: How to Screw Up and Lose It every one

How to Screw Up and Lose It every one

Cobtains you ever deal with a test on what would you do if you had a million? My associates once went untamed about it, and I was mystified for a few nights making plan on what would I do to increase my money and twist it all into a few billions. Most of my friends talked about their cherished dreams and made me go mad. Considering the plans, they announce I made an final guide on what to do to lose it all in the small term.

*** Rule 1:

Rule #1

Everybody you are an owner of a six-figure top prize at the present. Or better visit a few TV and radio show and make known all the details of that fortunate day and boast about how wealthy you are now. Let everybody know you are a part of that lavishness earth. Invite them to your rest for dinner, lunch and even breakfast, portion the most luxurious food you can buy as well as they will all love you everlastingly. Or, better make a immense party with bubbly and firework so that everybody could see who is the manager now. Do not remember to invite a few Celebes.

*** Rule 2:

Rule 2:

Never get your cash to the bank. That drawer at your place is such a nice put, and you can for all time take as a great deal cash as you require. Bank clerks are look for the wildest ways to trick you inventing extra fees and duty every day. Better stay an eye on the cash.

*** Rule3:


Get physically all those lavishness toys you saw on Interest. A Limbo and a yacht are must-haves today. And a rhombus for each finger. Do not remember about a huge house. There is no require to count if you can have enough cash that in a day or two – you are a millionaire, and you require a huge house. Or motionless a whole fortress with a airplane on the top.

*** Rule 4:

Rule 4:

Hire a monetary advisor. You need one right away. And a confidential psychologist, a driver, and three cook: Asian, French and Italian. Hire as many populace as you can – you are a millionaire! Let them take care concerning your life so that you could unwind and enjoy. Counting the operating cost? Who wants that? You have servants now, and you can create them deal with so as to.

*** Rule 5:

Rule 5:

Give your girlfriend a free right of entry to the cash. She has deserved all those Pravda and Channel belongings she would pay money for use by means of your money. Does she desire a Ferrari? No difficulty! Get her that hard to believe red car to create all her dumb associates envy. They will think you a superhero or at least a king of the cosmos. No girlfriend yet? No worries! You will not have to look for one – she will discover you no substance anywhere you are. A million dollars will labor as a attraction for chicks, and you will only contain to pick up the one you similar to.

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How to build your chest without a gym


If you think building a colossal chest is only possible with gym-based labor, you’re wrong.

“You only need two things for growth: mechanical tension and volume,” says Ryan Hopkins, certified advanced sports performance coach (USAW) and personal training manager of SoHo Strength Lab.

These exercises and workouts only utilize bodyweight and free weights, but don’t underestimate them; you will grow using these. They’re variations on pushups and the chest press—two incredible pec builders.

“Because of the lack of big resistance, these exercises place mechanical stress on your chest tissue in those range of motions you typically get with machines,” Hopkins explains. “You also do isometric holds, which by nature require a lot of tension to maintain and move in and out of with speed.”

The Workouts

*The exercises indicated in each workout are explained in the following slides. Click through for instructions.

Prescription: Don’t take any rest between reps, but take anywhere from 45 to 75 seconds rest between sets on all exercises.

Focus: Upper Chest 
Day 1 (Monday)

Hindu Pushup 4 x 6
Seated 1½ Dumbbell Overhead Press 4 x 6
Decline Pushup 4 x 8
Seated Dumbbell Overhead Press 3 x 12
Modified Pushup 21’s 1 x using 7sec holds

Focus: Full Chest
Day 2 (Friday)

Tempo Pushup 4 x 6
1½ Dumbbell Floor Press with Tempo 5 x 5
3 Pause Pushup 3 x 6, 5, 4
Alternating Single Arm Dumbbell Floor Press + Bilateral Press 3 x 5
Defranco Pushup 2 x 12

*Hindu Pushup

From a traditional pushup position, bring your butt back and up, walking your hands and feet closer until you’re in downward dog position. Keep a slight bend in your knees if you can’t extend them straight. Maintaining this steep, inverted V descend down so your head is pointed toward the floor; then, in one fluid motion, drop your hips and continue diving toward the floor (as if you would scrap your torso against the ground) until your head is just beyond your shoulders. Curve your back and look up toward the sky, pushing up through your arms as you sink into a cobra pose keeping your hips off the ground. Come back into downward dog to continue the next rep. Here’s a video demonstration.

*Seated Dumbbell Overhead Press [and 1 1/2]

Sitting upright in a chair, press both dumbbells up in a straight line and lower them back down to the starting position—maintaining control throughout the movement. “Yes, this is a traditional exercise, but it hits the clavicular head (upper chest) of your pec really well in a neutral grip where most chest exercises work on the lower, bigger sternal head of the pec,” Hopkins says.

Want to up the challenge? You can use a 1½ rep for maximal upper chest stimulation. Press both dumbbells halfway up, slowly lower them back down. Then, press them all the way back up quickly. That’s one rep.

*Decline Pushup

Place your feet on a small elevated surface 6 inches to 1 foot above the ground. Keep your trunk tight and stiff so your hips don’t sag and negate the decline position as you perform the pushup. “Most people think they’re holding the position, but by the end of the set, their hips are so far down that they might as well be doing a traditional pushup,” Hopkins says. You need to employ your stabilizing muscles to maintain the straight line of the plank.

*Pushup Modified 21’s

Start from the bottom phase of a pushup. Perform 7 reps from the bottom to the middle position. On the 7th rep, don’t descend again. Hold the middle position for 7 seconds. After, slowly descend to the bottom phase and pump out another 7 full reps. “Make sure you hold a tight plank position throughout,” Hopkins says.

*Tempo Pushup

Perform a traditional pushup, only time the movement so it takes 4 seconds to lower on the down phase before slowly pushing up.

*1½ Dumbbell Floor Press with a Tempo

Lie on your back with a dumbbell in each hand, arms extended. Slowly lower them down until both elbows touch the floor. Using the same slow motion, press the weights halfway back up. Slowly lower them down, and then press all the way back up quickly. Thats 1 rep. “Don’t rest or relax at any point,” Hopkins advises.

*Three-Pause Pushup

Descend all the way down into a traditional pushup so your body is roughly an inch from touching the floor. Pause for 2 seconds. Push up halfway and hold for 2 seconds. Then, push up to just short of the locked out top position and hold for 2 more seconds. DO NOT straighten your arms out all the way. Instead, descend to the bottom position. “Make sure there’s no movement during the pauses,” Hopkins stresses.

*Alternating Single Arm Dumbbell Floor Press + Bilateral Press

Lie on your back with a dumbbell in each hand. Press both to the top phase of the move, then lower one down until that elbow hits the floor. Press the dumbbell back to the top, then lower the other elbow to the floor. Press that weight back up, then lower and press both. Thats 1 rep.

*DeFranco Pushup

“This move was made popular by strength and conditioning coach Joe DeFranco,” Hopkins says.

Start at the top phase of a pushup. Use your back muscles to “pull” yourself down to the floor. When you push back up, isometrically (so nothing actually moves) squeeze your hands towards one another creating tension in your chest. “DO NOT forget the squeeze at the top,” Hopkins stresses. “It makes all the difference.”