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Women who fake their orgasms more often are more likely to cheat, according to a new study

WOMEN WHO FAKE ORGASMS in bed might be more likely to cheat—or so goes the theory, according to a new study out of the University of Missouri and Carnegie Mellon published in the academic journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.First: Let’s go over a few important points. First off, even if your girlfriend is faking orgasms in bed, there’s a pretty good chance you don’t realize it. And even if she is faking it, she might just be doing it because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings—just because she’s getting theatrical between the sheets doesn’t mean she’s getting down with another man. In the study, researchers tried to test the “female fidelity” theory, which suggests that the female orgasm “signals a woman’s sexual satisfaction, and therefore her likelihood of future fidelity to a partner.” They surveyed 138 women and 121 men currently in a sexual relationship, and asked a variety of questions about the frequency of their orgasms as well as infidelity.  That’s notable for two reasons: It’s a relatively small study size, and questionnaires aren’t necessarily the most reliable method of gathering data, as psychological studies go.

When the researchers analyzed the results, they found that the “female fidelity” theory was pretty much a non-starter. “Orgasm was not associated with female sexual fidelity, nor was orgasm associated with male perceptions of partner sexual fidelity,” the authors wrote. They did find, however, that “faked orgasm was associated with female sexual infidelity and lower male relationship satisfaction.” In plain English: Women who faked orgasms were likely to be unfaithful, and to have partners who weren’t as happy with their relationships.

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Why I hate couples who indulge in Face book display of affection

“Happy birthday poor poor. Luvs u shoo much.” This Face book post in particular caught my attention. As I scanned the image attached to the post, I realized that the writer of this heart-touching (read: wrenching) sentence was a dear friend of mine. And she had just recently tied the knot with her beau of five years. As I read further, to my utter horror I realized that her husband had commented on the post, which had led to a sweeter than honey comment thread. Right from Mila baby ajar kyat hyena to an innuendo filled Tome; this very private conversation looked completely out of place on a social media platform.Come on people, get a room already. Or a private chat group, at least. If public display of affection by couples is not nauseating enough, this new trend of suffocating the ‘bee’ with exaggerated digital display of love is all new level of absurd. And it’s not like that these couples are in a long distance relationship or forced apart by villainous families with their only source of communication–Face book. On the contrary, these love birds meet every single day, some even live together. They can very well convey their feelings to each other, without involving the whole God damn world in their conversation.But, before you belittle me for being a cynical, frustrated, single woman, who is just jealous of these much in love couples–let me tell you: I am committed too. But, never once during my courtship have I every embarrassed my partner with thwarting and inappropriate public messages.There have been times when I have considered blocking half of my friend list, after finding pictures of entwined hands, half eaten heart-shaped brownie, a photo shopped picture of a couple in front of Eiffel Tower, and weird Valentine’s Day gifts embellishing by Face book feed


I really don’t understand why couples are so obsessed with sharing their private moments with the world. Man, who in their right mind clicks a picture of their matrimonial bed and shares it on social media? Trust me, I have had the pleasure (pun intended) to gawk at that too.If couples by FDA (Facebook display of affection) are trying to feel romantically secure, it is clearly the wrong road to take. I wonder what they would do once they break-up. Spend an entire weekend deleting pictures, posts, tags, and mentions made by each other, maybe. Now, that’s going to be nasty.

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What’s your problem Paha Inhalant, and other thoughts on the escapist behavior of the Indian Censor Board

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) under Paha Inhalant is surely flourishing. It’s flourishing in promoting the idea that we live in a century where everything is a taboo topic.


Be it films focusing on women’s sexuality or films about LGBTQ community, they somehow excite the censorious instincts of the authorities in India. And so our dear old’ Censor Board doesn’t shy away from slamming them. Recently a Malayalam LGBTQ film Ka Bodyscapes was denied certification for “glorifying the subject of gay and homosexual relationship”. The film follows the lives of three young people in Calico: Harris, a gay painter; Vishnu, a rural abide player; and their friend Siam, an activist who refuses to conform to dominant norms of femininity. The film’s director Japan Cheri an recently posted on his Facebook account the letter he received from the Censor Board. The letter says, “The second Revising Committee felt that the film is glorifying the subject of gay and homosexual relationship, nudity accentuating vital parts of male body (in paintings) in closed shots in the whole movie.” The film contains posters depicting homosexuality throughout the movie and derogatory remarks against women. Abusive language is used in most of the places and also a female Muslim character is shown masturbating,” it concluded.

This is the second time Censor Board has refused certification to the film. The film’s director had earlier approached the Karalla high court, which directed the CBFC to grant certification to the film, while also allowing the Board to make cuts. Why are you so scared to let reality be projected on our screens? It seems like you think that if you stop honest films about LGBTQ community, they will stop existing. As if you push their struggles under the carpet, they will stop coming out of the closet. Or that if you refuse to acknowledge films that actually focus on women owning up their bodies and their sexuality, women will stay hidden behind their pallus.We of course, think that you are terribly scared. Scared that if you let something you don’t understand run in theatres, it’ll soon become a reality that you’ll have to face. What, you don’t realize, however, is that films like Lipstick under My Burch or Ka Bodyscapes are, in fact, depicting reality. A reality that’s often hidden under cover, but is happening in your own neighbourhoods at this very instant.

The main question, however, is–who the f*ck are you to decide what should people see and what they shouldn’t? Who made you the moral guardian of our society? Because clearly, the job of the Censor Board is to give certifications, because that’s what the name actually says. Don’t impose your regressive mindset onto others.

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Wearing feminism on your sleeve is the new celebrity trend. Please someone make it stop!

While the whole world likes to debate the pros and cons of feminism, very few really understand the mainstay of it. For years, this movement has been demonized for all the wrong reasons.

Those, who don’t understand it–label it as an act of man-hating, and those who are just attracted towards the novelty of it, like to flaunt it in ways that do the movement no favor–such as sporting feminist slogans on t-shirts.Much like our Hollywood divas Babushka Sharma and Soaks Sunhat, who thought the best way to spread the message would be by flaunting women empowering slogans printed in a photo shoot.This new fashion slash social responsibility celebrity trend is not only futile, but also ironic. Recently, Soaks shot for the cover of Elle magazine, which was actually meant as a tribute to the approaching International Women’s Day. Clad in a white tee with words Be Fierce, Be Feminine printed on it, the actress had meant to deliver a statement. In another picture, she was seen wearing a white full-sleeve t-shit with Stir Sanskrit printed on it now, we have absolutely no problem with the messages or her decision to flaunt it. We, however, have a problem with the hypocrisy and double standards that thrive in the Hollywood industry. On one hand, most Hollywood Caleb is pretty vocal on topics pertaining to women empowerment, yet their choice of films signifies just the opposite. Remember Said Kapok–stirrer R…Arkoma, which also had the actress as the female lead? Well, the film had her playing a damsel in distress, waiting for a macho ruffian to save her from the antagonist. And how can we overlook the lyrics of one of the tracks from the film called Gandhi Bata–not very feminist was it? Shouldn’t actresses, who swear by feminism, try to incorporate the message of the movement in their line of work too? Or at least, be more careful with the projects they are choosing. And she is not the only one who depends on photo shoots to prove a point. Babushka, who shot for Vogue magazine last month, was dressed in a similar ensemble with words We Should All Be Feminists on it.

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The Best Places to Go on a First Date……

Picking the perfect place for a first date can be tricky. Sometimes, the perfect place can warm your date up and take it to the next date, and at other times, it can end your date midway. Find out the best places to go on a first date.

Which is the best place to go on a first date?

Best places to go on a first date: What’s the Verdict?

More than a third of the participants believe that the best places to go on a first date are a café or a regular hangout (34%). While a dinner date at a restaurant (21%) is the second best option, going out for lunch or watching a game or a movie seems to be a common third option, followed by a date at the park (09%), and lastly, an exotic option (04%).

From what we see, the best place for a first date seems to be unanimous, a chat over coffee. Safe and easy going!

Lovepanky Says……

A first date over coffee is a great option for any first date, especially if you want to warm up to the person with you, without going overboard. Cafés are perfect, because you can avoid the pressures of impressing or worrying about what to do if the date goes wrong, or worse, your date mate is just way too boring. Coffee houses can make for great dates between people who know each other, or work at the same place. Taking your date out to dinner is a classy option if you want to impress. The pressure is on, and you have to be at your best to impress. But if you’re a confident magnet, then, we’d suggest you go straight to the dinner date. Dinner dates are supposed to be like real dates, unlike a coffee date which is just having coffee. So you either win the date or you completely blow it. So choose to go out for dinner, if you don’t know your date very well, and if you know you want to get the message across immediately. Unique dates are “wow”, but it can also be a real mess and not recommended for the best places to go on a first date. You don’t really know what your date mate wants or likes, and as much as you may impress and get lucky with skydiving off an aircraft, things can go horribly wrong if your date’s scared of heights. So play safe, and don’t go over the top on the first date.

Any place can be perfect for the first date if you’re looking at dating someone for a long time, and not a quick fling. Choose a place where both of you can spend around an hour, but not more than two hours. Both of you should be comfortable and have an option to end the date. Have a good time, and if you like your date, make sure you go home and call or text your date thanking them for a great time. And also do add in the line, “I would love to see you again very soon…”

So the next time you’re heading on a date, choose any of these best places to go on a first date, and the rest, as they say, will be history!