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20 Sexually Enlightening Movies All about Sexuality….

These movie suggestions explore certain very specific themes of sex and sexuality and, although several can be quite steamy, do not exist to provide gratuitous indulgence alone. In fact, most of these movies are considered true classics, not only in the genre, but of cinema in general.

One only has to look at the names of the directors of masterpieces, such as Kubrick, Bunuel, Bogdanovich, and Malle, to see how important this theme has been to movie makers across generations. The following list, then is, although by no means exhaustive, a strong cross section of the kind of movies available on the subject at hand. And if you do intend to watch them, then… enjoy!

#1 Belle de Jour. Theme – Unfulfilled sexuality, prostitution. Katherine Deneuve’s protagonist is a frigid, cold, and unapproachable figure to her husband, having grown dissatisfied with her “vanilla” sex life. To compensate, she begins to prostitute herself during his absence to explore her so-far unexplored sordid side.

#2 The Graduate. Theme – The older woman. Not only containing one of cinema’s most famous quotes—”Why, Mrs. Robinson…are you trying to seduce me?”—it also explores the age-old theme of the mature seductress and the young, confused male object of her desires. See Dustin Hoffman in an early and truly memorable performance.

#3 Boogie Nights. Theme – The pornography industry. This one is a little more tongue-in-cheek than most and provides many a laugh along the way. But it also explores the rise to success of Dirk Diggler, as well as exploring the sexual and emotional relationships he develops along the way.

#4 Lolita. Theme – The younger woman. This story of one man’s obsession with a teenage girl so famously encapsulates the theme that its title is now often used generically to describe the younger half of exactly such a relationship. Great cinema done exceedingly tastefully.

#5 The Last Picture Show. Theme – Coming of age. Nowhere and at no time in one’s life is sex and sexuality more important than in the years surrounding the coming of age and transition to adulthood. In a small American town, a group of young lay-abouts come to terms with their own desires and passions.

#6 American Beauty. Theme – Obsession. One man passing through a mid-life crisis and his daughter’s acquiring a beautiful friend is always going to be a recipe for disaster, especially in the scene when he finally realizes how far off the mark he was in believing that she was attracted to him, too. There’s also a surprise dabble with the issues of homosexuality and homophobia.

#7 Last Tango in Paris. Theme – Sexual anonymity and sexual violence. After first meeting, two people decide to avoid the complications of a normal relationship by hiding their identities from each other. This film was also notorious for the violence of a particular sexual scene.

#8 Blue is the Warmest Color. Theme – Lesbian coming of age. A beautifully made film, this one sensitively and sensually explores the issue of sexual identity as two high school girls fall in love. It’s the nearest thing to a masterpiece that this decade has seen.

#9 Heavenly Creatures. Theme – Lesbian obsession. The darker side of a lesbian relationship is explored in this film, with a young Kate Winslet playing the seductress to a neighbor. In it, deep obsession and extant cultural values lead to a disastrous end.

#10 Fifty Shades of Gray. Theme – BDSM. Although slightly out of place in terms of the superior quality that most other films on this list seem to possess, it would nonetheless be remiss to leave out the film that took the world by storm when it first came out. This one deals with the sadistic relationship between billionaire Christian Gray and a young reporter.

#11 Brokeback Mountain. Theme – Gay relationships. Showing that homosexuality isn’t just confined to city-slickers, the burgeoning relationship between two hardened cowboys is truly heart-warming.

#12 The Crying Game. Theme – Challenging sexuality. Although ostensibly a thriller revolving around the IRA and planned assault upon London, it is the protagonist’s relationship with a young lady that provides the eye-opener. And I really do mean an eye-opener. Watch it and see for yourself!

#13 Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice. Theme – The Swinging lifestyle. Looking back at the golden age of free love, this film very sensibly explores the dedicated foursome and the emotional issues that may arise as a result of a couple’s spreading their sexual wings.

#14 The Seven Year Itch. Theme – Adultery. A Marilyn Monroe classic, this a more light-hearted look at the theme of sexual obsession and how it can lead to adultery. Great performances all round.

#15 Turn Me On, Dammit! Theme – Female sexuality. If you’re really in need of a break from films that seem a little too patriarchal in their handling of the subject, this film is all about female empowerment through sexuality. A true breath of fresh air.

#16 Kids. Theme – Sexually transmitted diseases. An intriguing look at how young lives are being affected by HIV, the camera follows the protagonist around the city as she attempts to locate her only sexual partner.

#17 Sex and the City. Theme – Modern female sexuality. Although not everyone’s cup of tea, the familiar ensemble of four ladies living in New York City continues to provide its own take on modern city sex and sexuality.

#18 My Own Private Idaho. Theme – Homosexual relationships. One of Keanu Reeves’ early films, this is a great romp of a sexual road trip. Two homosexual friends are riding on the back of a motorcycle all the way across the U.S. on a quest to find a family member.

#19 Murmur of the Heart. Theme – Male adolescent sexuality, and the oedipal complex. The quirky story of a 14-year-old boy experiencing sexuality for the first time vicariously through the experiences of his older brothers, as well as a rather too comfortably developed oedipal complex.

#20 Shadows. Theme – Interracial sexual relationships. Shot amid the color and energy of the 50s Jazz era, Cassavetes’ gritty masterpiece is a wonderful piece of cinema, exploring romance, sex, and interracial relationships.

ticular questions on the theme of sexuality, there is some great viewing to be had from any of the movie selections in this list. Just don’t expect to walk away without having a few new questions of your own!

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Puppy Love to Real Love: 15 Signs You’ve Graduated to True Love…..

Love is hard as it is. It’s even harder when you think about how many different types of love are out there. Back in the day, I used to think there was only one kind of love. True love. Come to find out, there’s a whole bunch of other types of love that I never even considered before.

So, with all those types of love out there, how do you know when you’re in real love? It’s easy to think that your puppy love is true love, but let me be the first to tell you, it’s most definitely not. It’s not even close to the real thing, no matter how much you think it is.

The importance of the different types of love

You fall in love so many times in your life, and all for a good reason. No love goes wasted. Even when you feel like loving someone during your life was just pointless, it wasn’t. Whenever you fall in love – no matter what type it is – you’re getting one step closer to real love.

Each time you fall in love, you’re learning and growing, and you’re allowing yourself to love further each time. And after a while, when you’re ready, you’ll fall in love for real, and you’ll be thankful each of those types of love happened to you.

How to know if you’ve graduated from puppy love to real love

The biggest type of love that you’ll want to know if you’ve grown out of is puppy love. This type of love is the kind where your heart goes stir crazy whenever you think of them, you want to be with them every second of every day, and you fall hard and fast.

While this may sound like real love, it’s not. It’s young love. It’s desire love. It’s puppy love. When you realize you’ve graduated from this type of love and are in the real thing, it’s like nothing else on earth. Knowing when you’re finished with your puppy love stage is crucial to know so you can determine who will be your life partner.

Signs it’s just puppy love

When you’re actually in puppy love, it can be hard to tell. These signs that you’re in puppy love will help you hold back on the reigns and re-evaluate your relationship.first sight” or anything remotely close to that, it’s usually puppy love. You can’t build a real love when you barely know someone.

#2 You can’t get enough of them in all forms. You want to be all over them all the time, and nothing anybody says can change that. This “can’t get enough” attitude has more to do with your desire to have them around. It’s like an addiction, not really love.

#3 You do nice things so they like you more. If the only reason you’re doing nice things for this person is so they’ll like you more, it’s not real love. Many people think they’re doing these sweet things out of love, but in reality, it’s just their puppy-loving side wanting to get more attention.

#4 You think everything *and I mean everything* they do is adorable. Nobody truly in love will think their partner is adorable every hour of the day. If you find every single thing they do to be cute and adorable, then it’s just puppy love.

#5 You start to form a type of obsession with them. You want to know everything they’re doing every hour of every day. This is something of an obsession, and it’s not actually healthy. Puppy love is intense this way, and nothing like real love in this sense.

When it’s real love

You’ll know it. These are some signs that you’re no longer in puppy love, but rather, you’ve graduated to the real stuff. The good stuff.

#1 You’re comfortable. You feel at home with them no matter where you are. They bring you ease and comfort without even trying to. When they’re around, you feel like things are just how they should be.

#2 You feel safe. Being comfortable isn’t the only thing your partner brings. When you feel safe and secure when you’re with them, along with these other signs of real love, then you can safely assume you’re no longer just in puppy love.

#3 Your desire is still there, but it’s more of an admiration. Desire never really dies when you’re truly in love. It’s true that it can dwindle down into something more constant. I refer to this feeling as a deep admiration for your partner. When it’s real love, you admire them, and this replaces that burning desire you once felt.

#4 You feel certain. You don’t question things when you’re in real love. I don’t mean to say you don’t question whether you’re in love – because that’s why you’re here. I’m saying you don’t question their intentions. You feel certain that what they say, they’ll do. And how they feel is true.

#5 You want to do nice things because it makes them happy. You don’t do sweet things so they’ll like you any more. You do nice things because you want to see them happy. You do those things because you know they appreciate them, and it makes you happy to do them. You may even do sweet things without even thinking about it.

#6 You love them for who they are – not what they look like/what they provide. You love everything about them because it makes them who they are.

You don’t care if they’re not the most attractive or that they’re job isn’t the best. You don’t care that they can’t cook or if they suck at doing laundry. You love them for everything they are because it makes them the person you love.

#7 You feel evenly matched. You feel like you’re treated the same as you treat them. You feel like they challenge you and push you to be a better person. When you’re in real love, you feel as though you’re in a partnership with someone. You’re a team, and no one player is better than the other.

#8 A feeling of contentment settles over your relationship.  You have arguments here and there, and you’ll have some bad days and even more good days. The point is, even through all of that, you feel as though your relationship is content. You feel like your relationship is solid even if other things in your life are rocky.

#9 Their happiness is your happiness. When you’d rather they be happy than yourself, you’re in real love. Puppy love is very selfish. True love is anything but. If you really love someone, you put their happiness above all else.

#10 You trust them with everything you have. People often forget that trust is the most important indicator of love. Sure, you can trust someone and not long for them, but if you’re in real love, you trust your partner to be there for you, nurture your life, and bring compassion into it.

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Seductive Women: 15 Reasons Why They Always Get Their Way…..

Do you know the type of woman who always seems to get what she wants? She’s more than likely the seductive type who just has a way of making everyone follow in her footsteps and do just what she wants with seemingly no effort at all. If that’s the type of girl you’re thinking about, then it is definitely the seductive type. These seductive women know just what they want, how to get it, and they don’t let anyone get in their way.

What it takes to be seductive

Being seductive isn’t something you can do one way and it’ll please everyone. The secret to being seductive is being able to change your behavior in order to be what someone else desires. You have to be a chameleon.That being said, it’s not as easy as it sounds. There are certain women who are just born knowing how to do this and get what they want, and then there are other women who have to work at it for a long time before they’re able to master the skill that is seduction.

get their way

Many of us sit and ogle at the women who are always getting whatever they want whenever they want it. Most of the time, these seductive women don’t even look like they’re trying.The truth is, they’re actually doing many things that help them on their way to achieving whatever it is they set their minds to. Seduction is just one among many techniques they use in order to make sure they get their way. Here are the other reasons seductive women always get what they want.

#1 They’re well informed. Just because a woman is seductive doesn’t mean she’s not intelligent. All those types of women are very well-informed when it comes to their “target,” AKA the person they want to schmooze.

Knowing as much information as possible helps them manipulate their behavior in a seductive way in order to get what they want. Don’t make the mistake of thinking these girls don’t know their stuff. [Read: The smart and sexy girl –  15 reasons why she’s the perfect catch]

#2 They have confidence. You’d be surprised just how much confidence can help you get whatever the hell you want. If you walk into the room knowing exactly what you want, people are likely to give you just that. Any woman who’s seductive is always very confident.

#3 They don’t give up. Seductive women aren’t quitters. They try and try and try until they finally get what they want – within reason, of course. They don’t give up on something they really want and are truly passionate about getting, because people get tired of saying no and eventually will say yes.

#4 They make it sound beneficial to all parties. That’s just the way seduction works. It’s basically making something sound beneficial and pleasing to all parties involved – no matter what it is.

Seductive women have a way of making something terrible sound great to someone. This type of manipulation is their strongest suit, and it will make anyone want to do anything for them. That’s why they always get their way.

#5 They utilize their strengths. Everyone has a set of strengths and weaknesses. Seductive women just so happen to know how to use those strengths and hide those weaknesses better than many other people. If she’s witty, she’ll make sure to engage in banter with someone. If she’s smart, she’ll start talking a person’s ear off about something impressive.

#6 They prey on weaknesses. Seductive women are also very good at pinpointing someone else’s weaknesses. It’s like a sense they have, and they can just tell what your insecurities are and they will go after them.

Not in an obvious way, but in a way that makes you feel self-conscious and willing to agree to something just to build that self-esteem back up.

#7 They sound sure of themselves. You’ll never bump into a seductive woman and think that she’s a little shy and unsure. These women always sound sure of themselves, even if they’re a little wary. Why? Because sounding like you know what you want will usually get you exactly what you want.

#8 They push the envelope. Seductive women are a little bit of daredevils. They like to push the envelope and break the rules. This is very alluring to outside parties and makes them seem a little dangerous and mysterious. People want to get in on the action and therefore, will do things for a seductive woman they normally might not do.

#9 They don’t let rejection stop them. Rejection? Psshh. It’s all part of the game. Seductive women know that one rejection is just another step toward success.

They don’t get discouraged when someone tells them no, and they don’t let it hold them back from trying again. They’ll keep going until they get what they want, and that alone is enough to ensure they always get their way.o matter what the past of a seductive woman looks like, they don’t even think about it. They could’ve had a terrible upbringing, been through some of the worst stuff you could think of, but they’ll never even for a second let that get in their way. They forget about the past and push forward.

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5 Sweetest Things to Do with Your Girlfriend…..

A little more love and fun can make both your lives a lot happier and meaningful. After all, the happiest of relationships are the ones filled with romantic and playful gestures.

36 really sweet things to do with your girlfriend to make her feel loved

The sweetest things you can do for your girlfriend are the smallest and effortless ones. It’s the gestures you display when she least expects it. Use any of these 36 things to do with your girlfriend, and your relationship will become a lot happier, playful and spontaneous in no time!

1. Give her a massage.

Most guys completely underestimate just how relaxing a massage is to a girl. Just place your palms on her shoulders and her face will light up with a thankful smile!

2. Go out impromptu.

If both of you are just relaxing at home, plan something spontaneous and take her out for ice cream or coffee. Girls love spontaneous surprises.

3. Help her with her chores.

If you’re lazing around the house, and your girlfriend’s busy slaving on her chores, get your butt off and offer to help her.

4. Motivate her.

Motivation always works twice as well if both of you do things together. If your girlfriend’s struggling to keep herself motivated to do something, join her and work towards the goal together.

5. Buy a little something.

Every now and then, stop on your way to meet her and pick up a small something, be it flowers, something to eat or even a silly something. It’s a great way to make her feel more loved without going out of your way to do something.

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Being a woman is not easy in India. But, I am fed up with the victim syndrome……

A couple of months back, I was on my way back home in a shared cab. The car had two other passengers besides me–both women, who had decided to change the destination of their drop towards the end of their commute.When the driver objected, they got into a heated argument with him. Though, the entire episode had nothing to do with the rights of women being threatened, the ladies insisted that the driver was misbehaving with them because of their sex. And he would not have dared to do so with a male passenger.When I could not stop myself any further, I politely pointed out to them that i was the company’s policy and not a matter of gender bias.But, as soon as the words left my mouth, all hell broke loose. I was belittled for taking the side of a man and not sticking up with my own gender. “Aura hi aura kid dustman hot hay,” one of them accusingly muttered. Well, that is not the case. I am all for gender rights, liberty, and empowerment. I understand what feminism is all about. And that it why I get really peeved when I see women playing the victim card to get out of situations.Yes, the world is unfair towards women. Hell, even Mother Nature is. I second that gender wage gap exists and sexism has made our lives miserable.  But, we women are not the damsels in distress that the collective fad has turned us into.

In fact, we are anything but victims. We have been fighting for our rights, equality, and dignity since ages. This makes us warriors and definitely not victims. We are survivors of patriarchal tyranny, if nothing more.At times, it is irking to see women asking for favours solely based on their gender. Come on ladies, are you trying to send across the message that women are indeed the weaker sex? One that needs to be handled with care?Haven’t we seen enough women entering a general compartment in a metro and insisting men to give up their seats because as women, they should get the privilege to be seated?  When in reality, the women around the globe are not fighting for privilege, but rights.We is strong–in every sense. And the victim syndrome is making the efforts of women go to waste, who are rallying for equality every day of their lives.

So, if not for yourself, don’t do it for their sake. Please quit playing a victim when you are not.