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8 Signs of a Soul Mate !

8 Signs of a Soul Mate !

1. Your Soul Mate Accepts You For Who You Are
A major problem that dooms a lot of relationships is the notion that the couple need to change each other. This could include anything from insisting that the Significant Other make different fashion choices to demanding major personality changes. Whether it is preferring jeans over tight-fitting dresses or having the personality of introvert rather than a social butterfly, a true soul mate would never ask you to change. In fact, they fully embrace who you are.

2. Your Soul Mate Never Leaves You Guessing
Frustrated because you can never figure out how your boyfriend/girlfriend is feeling? Not sure why they are upset, and yet when you ask they insist everything is fine when clearly it isn’t? A soul mate would always be straight up with you because he/she understands that the key to a successful, loving relationship is the ability to be open and honest about what is bothering them. Once you know, you can work together to resolve every issue no matter how big or small.

3. Your Soul Mate Is Willing to Agree to Disagree
There is no such thing as a relationship in which the couple agree on everything 100% of the time. You might hold a very strong position on a particular issue while your partner takes a completely opposition view. But rather than letting these differences of opinion come between the relationship and create perpetual tension, a real soul mate understands that, ultimately, sometimes it is best to just accept that there will not always be agreement. As Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers once sang, “You like to-may-toes, I like to-mah-toes.

4. Your Soul Mate Might Not Always Like You, But Always Loves You
Contrary to popular belief, an ideal relationship is not one that is free of arguments. You will get on each others nerves from time to time. It could be the result of work-related stress, raising children together or even a culmination of little irritants that boil over and trigger a release of anger. But the mark of a true soul mate is recognizing that even if he/she might not always like you at a particular moment, they are able to separate it from their feeling of love for you, which is something that never weavers.

5. Your Soul Mate Believes in Mutual Satisfaction
A healthy, active sex life is essential in a relationship. It serves as a reminder of love and attraction, relieves stress and simultaneously maintains an emotional and physical bond that every relationship requires. Naturally, a soul mate understands that the key to good sex is ensuring that both partners are satisfied. In other words, it is never just about fulfilling his/her sexual gratification.

6. Your Soul Mate Embraces Your Physical Flaws
You might feel a bit self-conscious about cellulite on your thighs, a big scar on your arm or a mole on your forehead, but rest assured, no soul mate would ever find any issue with your physical flaws. In fact, he/she understands and appreciates that beauty is in life’s imperfections. So you should too.

7. Your Soul Mate Encourages Your Hobbies/Interests
Do you enjoy painting, making pottery or jogging? If your partner understands the joy that your hobbies bring you, you might just have found your soul mate! No soul mate would ever suggest that you are wasting your time if you enjoy these activities. In fact, they would enthusiastically serve as your #1 cheerleader as you are pursuing a certain goal and always demonstration an appreciation for your talents (or even lack-thereof!). In fact, they might even take up the hobby themselves!

8. Your Soul Mate Forgoes Any Feeling of Jealousy
Trust is extremely important for any relationship to be successful. A soul mate realises that fully trusting a partner means not allowing him/herself to give in to jealousies. If your partner remains open, discusses anxieties related to the relationship and understands that the couple does not have to spend every single moment of free time with each other, you have likely found your soul mate!

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These Flowers Are Actually Serial Killers, Time To See Their Victims

People find it fair to kill for food. Stronger animals murder their weaker ‘brothers’ to survive. This food chain works for ages and we find it normal. However, when it comes to flowers, we consider them absolutely harmless. Have you ever heard about plants killing the other plants to survive? How about live beings being eaten by carnivores? No? This list will turn your world upside down. Meet the most dangerous ‘serial killers’ with roots and leaves.

1. Aldrovanda vesiculosa

Commonly known as the waterwheel plant, this ‘cutie’ captures small aquatic invertebrates using traps whorls around a central, free-floating stem. The plant is so smart, it awaits for its victim to get inside and then blocks it with a single rapid movement. To close such trap usually takes about 10 milliseconds. After that, the monster sucks the life out of its victim and grows bigger thanks to it.

2. Nepenthes

This one is also known as tropical pitcher plants or monkey cups, as zoologists often spot monkeys drinking rainwater out of them. But for this cute peculiarity, Nepenthes is extremely dangerous. This liana-forming flower has traps that contain fluids of the plant’s own production. Watery or syrupy, it attracts insects and even small animals, such as rats or lizards, which get inside of these cups to never come back. The flower ‘eats’ them to get stronger.

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These girls seem to be teen sisters, but look closer.

Today women have mastered the art of hiding their true age thanks to cosmetics, beauty injections, and plastic surgeries. Some of them are lucky enough to erase 10-15 years off their faces. However, there are females who managed to look way much younger than their true age without any additional procedures. Take a look at this photo. These are not teen sisters, as they might seem at the first glance. What if I tell you these are a mom (in the middle) and her daughters from Taiwan. Taiwanese media have titled these ladies ‘the family of frozen ages’. It all started with an Instagram profile of the oldest sister – Lure Hsu. A woman works as an interior designer but is also pretty successful as a blogger. Once she revealed her true age to thousands of her followers – there started a real fuss around her and soon the age of each family member was revealed.Look once again at their family photo. That woman in the middle is 63 years old. Now you have to live with it. Personally, I know a few ladies who look worse in their early twenties. Let us take a closer look at each of them.Lure Hsu, 41, she is the oldest of three sisters born from a never aging mother. She is a popular a Taiwanese interior designer who has a strong Instagram game and an even greater sense of style. The lure can boast with her gorgeous, bouncy skin and a clear complexion, this lady definitely looks 21.Fayfay Hsu is 40. She is a mother of two daughters, aged 8 and 10. Is there a need to say she is often taken for their big sister when going out with her kids? The Taiwanese socialite is just as popular as her two sisters.

Sharon Hsu is the youngest – she is only 36, but I wouldn’t give her more than 16. She works as a model and is, unsurprisingly, a celebrity in Taiwan. Maybe that is the reason why the Hsu family is in the center of attention.
I bet you want to know their secret of everlasting youth and beauty. Believe me, there is nothing new here. It is all about good genes and water. Mom Hsu claims she drinks a glass of warm water soon after waking up before taking any food. She also has her glass of water half an hour before every meal. Water intake counts about 2 liters per day. She says that our skin demands no less water than other organs. This is why she never uses a towel after taking shower or bath.

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How To Cheat On A Girl Without Being Caught


Millions of men every day make mostly the same mistakes that lead to numerous breakups. The first mistake is they start serious relations without being ready to let go the rest of fancy ladies they meet up with from time to time for bedroom purpose only. The second big mistake – they do not cover up all the tracks. Women are much smarter than they want to seem. You will be surprised to discover the methods they use to unveil needed information. Even the spies are not as skilled as women suspecting their men in cheating. If you are polygamous and do not plan to stop your multiple affairs – you will need these easy but pretty smart tips.

No matter how hard you will try to hide them – these images will leak sooner or later. Do not take pictures no matter where you go or what you do when going out with another woman. Even a photo of a cute kitty you saw in the street can cause you a huge trouble. Forget about cameras and make your dates stay private as they are supposed to be. Get a good habit to never text to your lovers. What is more important – never put their numbers in your phone book. Learn numbers by heart and never reply such calls at home or whenever your partner is near. Your often absences for phone calls can cause certain questions. Erase all calls you receive or make instantly after they are ended up. Your contact list should be pure without a sign of another woman. Ask your dates to wear no perfume when you meet up. Alternatively, buy her the one your wife or girlfriend prefers. Thus, there will be no misunderstanding or smell of another woman from you. If you have a habit of taking shower after secret dates – get the soap or shower gel you have at home. Women notice every detail.

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MacGyver The Dog-Sized Lizard Is The New Cool Pet On The Block

Meet MacGyver, the famous lizard. He’s not a regular lizard though, he’s an Argentine red tegu lizard who lives in California. We think he might be the most famous living lizard in the world and is basically a reptile celebrity. MacGyver has an Instagram account with over 160k followers, a Youtube channel and even a LinkedIn account. Despite his looks and the first impression you might have of him, he’s actually a very friendly pet and loves cuddles. Whether you’d be willing to cuddle him or not is besides the point, but he definitely enjoys giving and receiving cuddles, which you can see in multiple videos on his social media. If you’re still unsure about MacGyver and whether having a big lizard as a pet is something you’re interested in, we encourage you to keep scrolling and take a look at pictures and videos of him eating, walking, playing and even cuddling. We guarantee, before you know it you’ll love MacGyver.

1. MacGyver is so friendly he’s willing to give rides to his smalis becoming quite trendy. People choose to have raccoons, hedgehogs, capybaras, fennec foxes, bearded dragons and even chimpanzees and other exotic animals as pets. And the famous pet we want to tell you about today is also quite a unique one.ler lizard friends.