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How to Increase Semen Volume: The Best Kept Secrets that Work!

There are plenty of reasons why men want to increase semen volume. Whether you’re trying to procreate little spawn of your own, or you’re just enamored with the idea of more shots for your beloved, these are the best tips and tricks for how to increase semen volume.

Semen vs. sperm

Let’s be clear that this feature discusses how to increase semen volume, not sperm. Semen and sperm are two different things with differing functions. For example, the oval shaped “head” of the sperm is called the acrosome. This acrosome contains chemicals that help the sperm penetrate a woman’s egg to impregnate her. Kind of like your own personal spermy acid. But sperm is not semen. Sperm refers to the little tadpole-like wigglers found inside the semen that create babies. Semen refers to the liquid that sperm rides around in, like sperm’s personal white hot Ferrari. In reality, semen is only 5-10% sperm. The rest of semen fluid is made up of more than 200 proteins, potassium, zinc, vitamin B12, and other vitamins and minerals. The more you know! [Read: 12 amazing facts that you didn’t know about semen]

Why you’d want to learn how to increase semen volume

Why would a man ever want to know how to increase semen volume? There are all sorts of theories about increased semen making a guy feel more macho, or how it allegedly leads to male offspring. The reality really comes down to two main points:

1. Giant loads look hot.


When it comes to showering your wife with your, err, “love,” it just looks hotter when there’s more of it. Whether you’re ejaculating onto her breasts or face, bigger is always better.


  1. Spawning children.

Some men think that bigger loads mean stronger sperm. That’s not entirely accurate. However, more semen does mean that you are more likely to be fertile, which is a great news for hopeful dads-to-be. Lower amounts of ejaculate can also make it difficult for your wife to get pregnant. This means the bigger your load, the higher the chance that your wife is about to get sperminated. Whatever your reason for wanting to increase your little soldiers, we’re here to help. Here are 8 tips for how to increase semen volume and get the jizz you’ve always desired.

1. Avoid sperm supplements.

If you’re looking to increase your semen volume, avoid supplements like the plague. There is very little scientific evidence to support claims made by the companies who sell supplements. Odds are the only result you’re going to get from taking sperm supplements is an empty wallet. [Read: 14 strange, interesting facts about sex you didn’t know]

2. PC Exercise.

If you want to shoot a strong load, pelvic floor muscles are you new best friend. Isolate the same muscle that helps you to stop the urine flow and hold it for three seconds before releasing. Rinse and repeat. Flexing this muscle will increase blood flow to your penis. Do several reps of Kegels daily until you can increase the hold on your PC muscles for 10 seconds at a time. Over time, some men have found this increases their semen volume. [Read: Kegel exercises and why both men and women should do it]

3. No smoking.

Everyone can agree that smoking is bad for you. Not only is it directly linked to lung cancer, it’s also wreaking havoc on your semen! Smoking damages semen by reducing its ability to fight off sperm-crushing enemies. Studies also show that men who smoke are less fertile than men who do not. Furthermore, smoking also damages sperm. Sperm contains the proteins Protamine 1 and 2 that marry in a perfect balance. Smoking mucks this up, causing a protamine 2 deficiency. This can cause DNA damage in sperm and lead to miscarriages or a lack of fertilization ability altogether. [Read: Smoking and sex – Horrible ways in which smoking can screw up your sex life]

4. No drinking… alcohol.

When it comes to water, just the opposite is true. The more you drink, the better! Your body is 60% water. So it stands to reason that the more water you drink, the healthier you’ll be. The benefits of drinking water are too numerous to count. Water contributes to the healthy functioning of your digestion, creation of saliva, body temperature maintenance, and semen production.The less hydrated you are, the less semen your body will produce. So, drink up!  Most of the ways you take care of your body involves the way you eat. Turns out your semen is no exception! Some foods are said to increase semen production. Amino acids, found commonly in eggs, yogurt, lean meats, and quinoa are said to help with semen production.Zinc is also said to help improve the amount of sperm you produce and ejaculate. Foods with high concentrations of zinc include chicken, yogurt, chickpeas, and cashew


5. Boxers or briefs?

The age-old question: boxers or brief? Wearing tight underwear can lead to decreased ejaculate volume. A year long research studyhad men wear tight fitting underwear for 6 months followed by loose fitting boxers the remaining 6 months. Results revealed that during the months that participants wore tight fitting underwear they experienced a 50% decrease in sperm.normal]  Lube is a great addition to your sex life, especially for your lady love. This can lead to enhanced pleasure and increased likelihood that your girl is going to orgasm. The downside? Studies show certain lubricants damage sperm and decrease the shooting range of your semen. This is one of the worst tips on the list, but it sure does do the job! Have you ever noticed that the longer you go between ejaculating, the better it seems to be? This is because your semen has been building up. Not only does that mean more pleasure upon release, it also means there should be an enviable wad when you finally do.



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Famous Beauties Surfing In Sexy Bikinis

Beautiful celebrities are drawn to surfing like moths to flames. Of course, a chance to get snapped looking wet and sexy in a bikini or a swimsuit is always a bonus no beauty would reject. They rarely miss an opportunity to flaunt their flawless bikini bodies while hitting the surf (or trying to). Here’s a list of Hollywood divas who have joined the amateur surf club. See them learning to maintain balance on the surfboard and enjoying the pleasures of wave riding.


Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie – an Aussie – was destined to start riding the waves. However, the Australian belle was seen going surfing in Hawaii. Her sun-kissed, golden tanned body was simply glowing from head to toe in a rather revealing white swimsuit. The beauty showed quite a few skills for surfing waves and she managed even to fall with style!


Kendall Jenner

The leggy model wished to prove there’s very little she can’t do as she was seen learning to balance on the surf and splashing in the water on a hot summer’s day. To be honest, Kendall didn’t look like a pro on her board, however, she definitely turned heads when frolicking on the beach and displaying her enviably toned physique in an ultra skimpy bikini.


Gigi Hadid

Whether she’s walking the Victoria’s Secret runway or slaying the streets of New York, Gigi Hadid always looks like the ultimate California Girl. What else can solidify her sun-kissed Malibu girl image than a surf photoshoot? The bikini super babe showcased her stunning curves for a Sports Illustrated shoot at the Jersey Shore bringing together two coasts and proving she’s also an all-American heartthrob!

Clearly, RiRi doesn’t even bother to stand on her surfboard here, but are you complaining about that? Soaking up the sun, the hot-to-trot “surfer” showed off her assets in a teeny-weeny bikini to millions of her fans’ delight.


Vanessa Hudgens

Trim and slim in bikini bottoms, Vanessa Hudgens was doing an excellent job staying on her board. The star is extremely good at showing off her athletic prowess when hitting the clear blue-green waters. The playful beauty splashed around the waves with her long dark locks turning into wet coils around her joyful, smiling face. She surely knows how to make a splash and have fun!



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Melania trump fashion

“Fashion people are fickle and fake,” stylist Phillip Bloch told Page Six. “They are starting to see she is a beautiful woman who is married to the president, and it is an honor to dress her.She’s making it very clear to the fashion world that her campaign to become a fashion icon is just starting.

Melania Trump turns heads in $51,500 floral jacket and matching clutch in Italy Queen Elizabeth II will supposedly only wear one nail polish color
Meghan Market reportedly wears a black dress to Pippa Middleton’s wedding reception.


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Celebrities And Their Unusual Pets

Regular people can usually be divided into two types: cat or dog persons. But when you’re a celebrity, you can afford really unique and unusual pets like tigers, lions, pigs, lemurs, donkeys, etc. Why? Maybe stars are just too cool to have cats and dogs. Check out the gallery of celebs who decided to own unconventional pets. Some of them will surprise you!

Miley Cyrus

The star has a huge pet family. She even added a pig named Pig Pig to her animal squad. Miley Cyrus jokes that it’s her only pet who loves veggies as much as she does.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox also loves pigs. The starlet finds them smart, cool, and fun. Unfortunately, she didn’t spend much time with her Piggie Smalls after the pet became sexually aggressive.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is a huge animal lover. She built a barn for her beloved animals. The most famous are two donkeys, Honky and Tonky. She also owns her own pony, three goats, two pigs, chickens, and three dogs.

Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice has an unusual pet wallaroo (a cross between a wallaby and kangaroo) named Bucky. In 2004 the wallaroo was captured scratching a woman’s car right after he escaped from Florida home. The star saved the animal. That’s freaking cool!

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World’s Worst Wife Tries to Make Her Husband CHEAT on Her!

In today’s world, people tend to judge people by their looks, especially celebrities. Not only do they have to possess real talent, but they should also have some killer legs or a head-turning chest. But let’s face it – some of them are only famous for one particular physical trait. Here are top 10 body parts that really made these celebs famous.

Kim Kardashian’s Butt

Kim K’s enormous derriere doesn’t need any introduction tbh. She is one of those who do nothing worthy and still manages to break the Internet due to her killer rear-side. That’s why she never fails to show it off in transparent tight-fitting outfits. We’d rather she left at least something to our imagination.

Kate Upton’s Cleavage

The 24 y.o. model has killer curves, but her 34D sized breasts undoubtfully do the talking. Even though her breasts have made her famous, she wished to have had smaller ones.

Angelina Jolie’s lips

The most amazing part of her flawless body is her plump sensuous lips. It may come as a surprise but they are all natural. Her signature lips were the most requested shape by cosmetic surgery patients. And yet she once said, “I know other women would kill for my lips but I feel like they take over my face.” No way!