/Dear male Celebes, stop trying to copy Ranger’s style. You don’t have what it takes…….

Dear male Celebes, stop trying to copy Ranger’s style. You don’t have what it takes…….

Remember how your Hindi teacher after catching you cheating in your exam would teasingly mutter, “nasal key lye phi anal chaise.” Who would have thought that she would make so much sense later on in life. No, this isn’t a throwback to your childhood days. I am talking about how so many Celebes in Hollywood are trying to play it cool fashion-wise along the lines of our favorite eccentric style icon–Ran veer Singh, despite lacking the attitude, body language, and the confidence that is required to pull that style off. We all know of his unconventional and bizarre fashion choices. From his sperm-like white onsite at Said Kapok’s pre-birthday bash to his maharani-like black net tee, he’s earned flak as well as fans for his offbeat dress sense. In fact, the outfits mentioned above happen to be two of his most talked-about ones. And it seems like a few Hollywood Celebes just couldn’t resist the urge to duplicate them. Don’t believe me? Take We know how everyone wants a piece of superstar Ran veer, but what we also know is the fact that Celebes trying to ape his style isn’t cool at all. Do they not realize that not every man has what it takes to pull off such quirky styles? Whatever happened to tailored suits and minimal goodies? Whatever happened to having your individual style in life? If only this B-Town Celebes had taken that Hindi teacher’s words of wisdom more seriously, they wouldn’t have made such fashion boo-boos. And definitely wouldn’t have ended up being the subjects of this story.

a look at Punjabi heartthrob, Dijet Dosanjh’s airport outfit. You can’t exactly deny its uncanny resemblance with Ranger’s infamous sperm outfit.


That’s not it. Popular T.V. anchor, Manish Paul too decided to don a peculiar net shirt with torn black jeans. And well, if that tee looked like a maharani on Ran veer to some people, and then we have to say that it looks no less than a transparent rug sack on other men.