Being a woman is not easy in India. But, I am fed...

Being a woman is not easy in India. But, I am fed up with the victim syndrome……


A couple of months back, I was on my way back home in a shared cab. The car had two other passengers besides me–both women, who had decided to change the destination of their drop towards the end of their commute.When the driver objected, they got into a heated argument with him. Though, the entire episode had nothing to do with the rights of women being threatened, the ladies insisted that the driver was misbehaving with them because of their sex. And he would not have dared to do so with a male passenger.When I could not stop myself any further, I politely pointed out to them that i was the company’s policy and not a matter of gender bias.But, as soon as the words left my mouth, all hell broke loose. I was belittled for taking the side of a man and not sticking up with my own gender. “Aura hi aura kid dustman hot hay,” one of them accusingly muttered. Well, that is not the case. I am all for gender rights, liberty, and empowerment. I understand what feminism is all about. And that it why I get really peeved when I see women playing the victim card to get out of situations.Yes, the world is unfair towards women. Hell, even Mother Nature is. I second that gender wage gap exists and sexism has made our lives miserable.  But, we women are not the damsels in distress that the collective fad has turned us into.

In fact, we are anything but victims. We have been fighting for our rights, equality, and dignity since ages. This makes us warriors and definitely not victims. We are survivors of patriarchal tyranny, if nothing more.At times, it is irking to see women asking for favours solely based on their gender. Come on ladies, are you trying to send across the message that women are indeed the weaker sex? One that needs to be handled with care?Haven’t we seen enough women entering a general compartment in a metro and insisting men to give up their seats because as women, they should get the privilege to be seated?  When in reality, the women around the globe are not fighting for privilege, but rights.We is strong–in every sense. And the victim syndrome is making the efforts of women go to waste, who are rallying for equality every day of their lives.

So, if not for yourself, don’t do it for their sake. Please quit playing a victim when you are not.