/Wearing feminism on your sleeve is the new celebrity trend. Please someone make it stop!

Wearing feminism on your sleeve is the new celebrity trend. Please someone make it stop!

While the whole world likes to debate the pros and cons of feminism, very few really understand the mainstay of it. For years, this movement has been demonized for all the wrong reasons.

Those, who don’t understand it–label it as an act of man-hating, and those who are just attracted towards the novelty of it, like to flaunt it in ways that do the movement no favor–such as sporting feminist slogans on t-shirts.Much like our Hollywood divas Babushka Sharma and Soaks Sunhat, who thought the best way to spread the message would be by flaunting women empowering slogans printed in a photo shoot.This new fashion slash social responsibility celebrity trend is not only futile, but also ironic. Recently, Soaks shot for the cover of Elle magazine, which was actually meant as a tribute to the approaching International Women’s Day. Clad in a white tee with words Be Fierce, Be Feminine printed on it, the actress had meant to deliver a statement. In another picture, she was seen wearing a white full-sleeve t-shit with Stir Sanskrit printed on it now, we have absolutely no problem with the messages or her decision to flaunt it. We, however, have a problem with the hypocrisy and double standards that thrive in the Hollywood industry. On one hand, most Hollywood Caleb is pretty vocal on topics pertaining to women empowerment, yet their choice of films signifies just the opposite. Remember Said Kapok–stirrer R…Arkoma, which also had the actress as the female lead? Well, the film had her playing a damsel in distress, waiting for a macho ruffian to save her from the antagonist. And how can we overlook the lyrics of one of the tracks from the film called Gandhi Bata–not very feminist was it? Shouldn’t actresses, who swear by feminism, try to incorporate the message of the movement in their line of work too? Or at least, be more careful with the projects they are choosing. And she is not the only one who depends on photo shoots to prove a point. Babushka, who shot for Vogue magazine last month, was dressed in a similar ensemble with words We Should All Be Feminists on it.