My boyfriend harassed me into being in a relationship with him…

My boyfriend harassed me into being in a relationship with him…


Until last evening when I was on my way back home from office, I used to think that I had been in a happy year-long relationship that ended only recently. As the flashbacks of how my love story began started playing in my head, there was a strange realization that came to me. And it came from the most unexpected sources in the world–Vern Dawn and Alias Bhatt. No, they didn’t carjack me and put this thought in my head. And no, I haven’t been bribed by Dharma Productions to promote Baronet Kid Daphnia. What angered me was the fact that I started relating these lyrics with how my boyfriend, oops ex-boyfriend made me say yes to him. One month into knowing each other, I finally agreed to go out for a movie with him. I didn’t call it a date simply because I had no intentions of dating him so early on. Yes, we liked each other, but I wanted more time to get to know him first before finally getting into a relationship. Much against my will, our movie outing turned out to be a full-fledged date. Not because, even I thought it to be quite a sweet gesture, but I still said no and told him that I needed more time to make up my mind. However, his next move was even ‘sweeter’ and it made me say yes. He got out of the car, bent on his knees on the dimly-lit, empty road–which by the way was hardly a kilometer away from my house. I had no option but to comply because I was so scared, not of him, but of being seen with him at that hour on an isolated road. When it comes to commitments, I am like Selman Khan–main apnea asp kid phi nail suntan. So I took the relationship forward any way once I said yes and luckily, he turned out to be an amazing guy. So, no complaints of any sparks that flew. But because of the fact that on our way back from the theater (around 12:30 a.m.), he decided to stop the car in the middle of the road–not to kiss me, but to ask me out

Just to make things clear, I am not blaming him for anything.  But, I think guys need to understand that a girl’s no means no. And just because she agrees to meet them really doesn’t mean she becomes their property. For most people around me my ex’s proposal was the most romantic gesture in the history of mankind. But listening to that song in which that stupid Bare was literally imposing himself on the girl made me feel like that girl. I felt like I wanted to take my own time to be able to trust him before saying yes instead of rushing into things. To be honest I am the kind of person who thought China Merely was a food-based song, so you know; I really don’t pay attention to or relate to lyrics in life.