/Karalla girl saves herself and 9 other girls from being forced into child marriage

Karalla girl saves herself and 9 other girls from being forced into child marriage

How often have we criticized all evils that prevail in the Indian society over lunches, coffees, and tea breaks? But, have we ever showed the strength to instigate a change? Hardly ever. Well, we ought to take inspiration from the 15-year-old Karalla girl, who prevented 10 child marriages from taking place. On Sunday, the girl made a frantic call to Childlike, a helpline for children in distress and narrated her ordeal. A resident of Karuvarakkundue, an impoverished village in the state, she explained to the volunteers that she was being forced into an arranged marriage by her parents. She, on the other hand, wanted to study further.Fortunately, her call also saved the lives of nine others girls–all underage, who were to get married against their wishes. As soon as the volunteers got the frantic call, they swung into action.According to a report by The Hindu, Childlike officials rushed to the village and found nine more girls under the age of 18, were to be wedded in the coming weeks when schools close for summer vacation.The volunteers after gauging the situation contacted a local Pantheist member, who refused to intervene. Seeing no other alternative, they then went on to seek help from the local district administration and social welfare board.Surprisingly, the officials were able to talk some sense into the minds of the parents, who later cancelled the wedding plans. All thanks to the presence of mind and courage shown by the girl.” Initially, the parents resisted our move. We had to hold several counseling sessions to make them aware of the dangers of child marriage,” said Childlike district coordinator, An war Karakkadan, in an interview to Hindustan Times. “Some of the parents even told us that we would have to find a suitable match for their daughters once they were of marriageable age,” he continued.Despite government campaigns, child marriages still continue to plague our society. It’s imperative for the parents to understand that an early marriage of their underage daughter spells nothing but doom.