/In a new boost to the male ego, there is now a condom that measures thrusts and velocity

In a new boost to the male ego, there is now a condom that measures thrusts and velocity

Have you ever wondered if your partner is just lazy in bed or if he is actually unaware about the nuances of lovemaking? Ladies, don’t worry, we have all been there.But, to make matters easier for you and your partner regarding rising to the occasion quite literally, a condom company has come up with a smart condom. Developed by British Condoms, this nifty little thing works just like Fit bit but only for the male organ! That’s right. The icon Smart Condom will measure girth, velocity and frequency of thrusts, number of calories burned during intercourse, and number of different positions used in a period of time.Not to mention this very smart condom will also gauge how your partner’s performance fares as compared to other men around the world. Yup, folks! It’s terribly sexy–or daunting–online community!Although, it’s not really a condom, but more like a ring that fits around a regular condom. The Smart Condom can last for eight hours on a single charge, which is more than we can say about men–but hey, here’s hoping! It uses a nana-chip and sensors, is adjustable for size, and gives the user the option of sharing his between the sheets with friends and family.It also gives men another reason to boast their prowess (talk about a boost to the male ego). Imagine a post by someone that says “XYZ tried these many sex positions last night.” Too much information, right? But not everything is about how great (or Tai Tai phases) a man is in the bed. The product can gauge whether your partner has sexually transmitted diseases (STD) like syphilis or chlamydia.

It costs $74 and is available for pre-order. Although, we wonder if it’s actually a con by the icon and if this Smart Condom would really, actually work.