/Dick Selfish: Why Men Love Sending Dick Picks to Women.

Dick Selfish: Why Men Love Sending Dick Picks to Women.

Ladies, this is a common thing! Men sending dick selfish. But why do they do it? What do they get out of it? And should we even respond?

It’s not a secret, everyone sends nude picks. You could be a mom of three or single, and you still, at some point, sent nude picks. However, it’s different than when a guy sends dick selfish. Women do it because men are visual. It gives ladies a chance to explore their own sensuality, but what about men? Why do they do it? Despite their rugged exteriors, manliness, and overall lack of sharing feelings comfortably, men still need to feel wanted by someone, just like women. They want to feel capable of arousing someone, but also desire a sense of validation.

Much the same way women feel good when complimented on their size or bust size, men feel great when they get complimented on their dick size.

Dick selfish and what they mean

Of course, there are more reasons. Let’s consider all the angles, and how to respond to the guys who send them to you.

1…. they’re horny.

 They think looking at it turns you on. Either go along with it if you feel like having fun, or ignore it if he’s bad news. You know the thing men do when they stand directly in front of you, naked; thinking a dick in your face during Renews turns you on? This is the indirect equivalent. He seriously thinks it gets you to play along, either by sending nudes or having phone sex. At the very least, sexing, for sure. If he’s your boyfriend, or just someone you want to have fun with *hopefully you’ve made that clear, and it’s a mutual thing*, then go right ahead. Consider it a funny way to spark things, even if the picture really doesn’t do anything for you *see #2*.If he’s bad news, delete the picture, and block the guy, otherwise he won’t leave you alone. And don’t show your girlfriends and make a joke out of the guy. Be a lady.

2….. They think you work the same way as them. 

He thinks you’ll use it to masturbate. Since it’s meant in good faith, go ahead and thank and compliment him, even if you don’t use it *you won’t*. Moment of truth ladies, a man could have the nicest penis in the world, but chances are it does nothing for you in image form *differs by girl, but this is the most common reaction*.Unless it’s there, in the room with you, and attached to the right guy, you probably could care less if he dressed it up in a tuxedo and sent you a picture of it. In male world, this means he wants you to have a good time, using the little *no pun intended* gem he sent.If he’s a good guy, your boyfriend maybe, thank him, compliment him, and send something sexy back. Even if you don’t use it, he doesn’t have to know. Plus, just get off to him getting off to you.

3… No, really, the whole size thing is a big thing. 

React to his size the same way you’d like people to react to your breast size. Yes, even if it isn’t big at all. Some men, usually younger men *teenagers, young adults, men with little-to-no experience, or even older men with baggage* tend to be insecure about their dick size. Yes, men experience body issues, much like women, but they don’t show that to the world at large.

4…. He wants to take your relationship to the next level and bares himself.

 So, you see what he has “to offer.” Of course, this is the wrong way to do it. They probably aren’t in it for the long haul, so keep this in mind. This is the typical sleazy, fraternity guy. Oh, he’s done with college? No, he isn’t–not mentally. He still very much tries to get you, and those other five girls he sent the same exact picture to, to sleep with him. He isn’t a quality guy, made clear by the fact prior to this; he showed no indication of really “getting serious.” A gentleman treats you like the princess you are, holds off on the sexy time until you allow it to get to that point. Now, if you saw no signs of seriousness, and led him on, then you got these pictures because you made it seem like you were his female equivalent. Either joins in on the “fun” knowing all this very well is true, or just ignores him. If he persists, block him and hope you didn’t tell him where you work. Chances are, even if you did, he either doesn’t remember, or doesn’t care, since he’s got roughly five to seven girls he’s messing around with.

5….. You’re in a long-distance relationship, and he’s looking for a way to keep the fire alive.

 If this is the case, please your man! Send some nude picks back. This is one of those silly, sweet things that not every relationship experiences. For couples who live in the same general area, sending nudes and sexing is one of those things that you either never do, because you’re older or prefer the real thing, or you do it when you’re in the early stages of the relationship. It fizzles out. Later on you get to do it how you want, whenever you want, wherever *within reason* you want, and those pictures do nothing for you anymore. But for those who live far away from their partners, this is ideal to keep your sex life as intact as possible.Hot pictures, sexing, dirty phone calls, and Skye calls are long distance relationship savers. If this is your situation, please your man, send some back, get nasty!

6….. Trying to spice things up. 

Keep it going and see what happens! It could also be for people who simply want to spice things up for no reason other than they feel like it. Or the couples who have been together for years, and simply haven’t kept that passionate, sexual fire lit as well as they could have.Whatever the reason, it’s possible the guy wants to liven things up a bit, and enjoy some quality time being naughty with you. Keep it going, see what happens! At some point, he could say some pretty amazing things if you say the right words.

7…. He is reciprocating from your nude picks.

 This is him being a gentleman, so be a lady and thank him. If you sent the man some gorgeous pictures of yourself, then he obviously enjoyed them. He’s sending you some back! This is him being grateful and showing he likes you too. Keep things going, say something dirty, ask for something specific, or let him ask for something specific. This isn’t a losing situation, since you sent the pictures first, and he clearly loved it.

8…. You asked for it.

 If you do like it, then you’ll know how to respond, but if you don’t, then stop asking for the dick picks. If you read point two, most women don’t actually get off by a penis picture. Unlike men, women aren’t as visual, but rather, we need to be in the right frame of mind *dirty thoughts*. A man who talks dirty to us, and looks at us with lustful eyes is more likely to get laid than a man who sends the dick sulfide with a winking emboli.

9…. They want to flaunt it to you, and whoever else they can manage.

 Delete the dick selfish and block the guy. Unlike guy number four, this guy didn’t so much as do anything that indicated friendship or even entertainment. This particular guy is the one who doesn’t care to even talk to you again, doesn’t care if you don’t sleep with him, doesn’t care about anything, because he “knows” he’s got an “amazing” dick, and simply wants to show it off.This is the equivalent of the girls that show way too much skin on purpose, because they think they’re capable of getting anything and anyone they want.

10… He’s done it in every other relationship before. 

Or he’s inexperienced, and thinks that’s also what he has to do. What men don’t realize, and what’s been said twice in this feature already, is those words get a woman wet, but dick selfish generally don’t. If the guy is super inexperienced, he might think this is what needs to be done. If he’s had experience, but he’s been with girls who wanted dick pictures, or girls that never directed him accordingly, then he’s going to assume you want to get dick pictures. 

Despite the welcome sight of a man’s dick if you’re about to get hot and heavy, it’s not all that exciting to see over a text. Dick selfish and penis pictures do less for a woman, generally, than words will, especially if they get really detailed.