/A GAO women’s group wants Sunny Leone’s ad to be removed over objectification of female body

A GAO women’s group wants Sunny Leone’s ad to be removed over objectification of female body

Take any Indian advertisement in India, and the sheer misogyny and objectification of women will scream at you from a distance. Whether it’s an advertisement for a deodorant or one for a fruity beverage starring a popular Hollywood actress, women are blatantly portrayed as sex objects. Think more on the terms of double entendres and sexism! And now a women’s group in GAO has objected to a condom advertisement featuring Sunny Leone over objectification of the female body. The women’s group, Ranaragini, which is a wing of the Hindu Janajagruti Semite, has petitioned the GAO State Women’s Commission. They said that the advertising campaign in public places objectifying the feminine gender was proving embarrassing to women.” A different message is conveyed on account of this. This is a very ugly scene. We have received complaints about this from many women. We, hereby, kindly request you to remove these pictures,” the petition read. Nihau Guevara, who’s a member of the group, later spoke to reporters and said that the ads featuring Leone affixed on the state transport buses were objectionable and needed immediate removal. “Why should a government concern have such ads on them,” she said. She also asserted that the organization had no objection to contraceptive ads, but only to the objectification of women in such advertisements.GAO State Women’s Commission has issued notice in connection with the matter and its chairperson Vida Sheet Tonawanda has said that the matter will be probed.

We wonder when ad makers will actually realize that women are not props, or the fact that it’s actually possible to sell products without using sexist advertising tropes. What is this obsession with a woman’s body? Someone please enlighten us.