Let’s not fuck approximately. The holidays could not be more upon us and you’re obviously reading this because you have no idea what to get your friends and family. So let me break it down for you in terms of your best bets for classy as shit gifts you can get for your friends who deserve lure gifts.

I know it might seem like a candle would suffice but come on, they’re your loved ones, which is why I know they deserve the best of the best. But also I know you are down to the wire so let’s just get down to it and get you gifting stuff they’ll open and be like, “OMG! You definitely didn’t forget about this/me until like 3 days ago!”

Granted, some of these aren’t necessarily available in stores near you, so it might be too late to ship, but, come on, I came up with all of these, so you can figure out how to get them in time or just give them to them late. It’s fine.

Here are my fives.

Peritonea MD Cocoa Moisture Mask

Dr. Periscope’s products are always super extra anyway, but this new mask uses cocoa-enriched (hello) microcapsules to provide an intense boost of hydration, allowing skin to immediately look and feels firmer and more hydrated. Plus, chocolate, did I mention chocolate? Cool.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Egg Nag Perfume

If you have a friend who loves crazy perfumes and also the holidays, why not spoil them with a weirdo perfume that smells like delicious seasonal beverages? Also, BPAL has some of my favorite all-time fragrances in general and introduced an entire seasonal line, so the options for “yay, it smells like the holidays” gift fragrances are pretty lengthy.

Flirt Cosmetics False Lashes Applicator 

If you have a friend who loves doing fake eyelashes, this lash applicator unit holds 40 lash buds, giving you instant, colorful party glam without the sticky nightmare it usually involves. So cool.

This Works Hand Makeover

For all your friends whose hands are looking jacked by winter, this trio of hard-working hand creams provide intense moisture, with anti-aging blends of rose and mimosa, vitamin e and blackcurrant oil, and retinol and botanical oils respectively. They’ll be looking human in no time.

Peoria Restore Your Radiance Collection

If you have a friend who loves fancy plant origin stem cells and wants to look energized and chill, this luxury gift box featuring said cells oughtta do it.