/Everything you require to be acquainted with About Polyandry.

Everything you require to be acquainted with About Polyandry.

Though odds are, you’ve spent the majority of your life either flying solo, living the bachelor life or being in one monogamous relationship after another. While marriage, in their most traditional sense include two people exclusively sleeping with and being emotionally and physically committed to one another, there are other options. From participating in a swinger’s type of set-up where you and your girlfriend sleep with other couples to being in an open relationship, where sexually, you’re both free to explore, and many other arrangements, polyandry reveals a different perspective about dating, falling in love, making love and getting grave.

“Polyandry, simply put, is the practice of being in multiple loving relationships with multiple people. It is also an umbrella term that encompasses the concepts of open relationships, polygamy and swinging, Paul Decompose, Speed, ABPP, psychologist and author explains. “There are many ways people can be polyandrous. People involved in these types of relationships define the ways in which they prefer to be polyandrous, such as having multiple sexual partners, same-sex partners or emotional relationships with other people.”

Even if you’re not sure if polyandry is for you, understanding this type of relationship might be helpful for you as you look to expand your sexual horizons, shake up your trusted, traditional routine or at the very least, explore fantasies you’ve always harbored about sleeping with multiple women.

From the historical origins of polyandry and how common it is still is today to how to implement touches of it in your own sex life, here’s everything — and yes, we mean everything — you need to know about polyandry.