Migrant crisis: EU Commission ‘to back’ Turkey visa deal

The European Commission will back without visa go for Turkish residents inside Europe’s travel permit free Schengen range, sources have told the BBC.

Visa liberalization was offered in kind for Turkey taking back transients who crossed the Aegean Ocean to Greece.

However, Turkey should in any case meet EU criteria, and the visa bargain needs endorsement by the European Parliament and part states.

The EU expects that without this arrangement, Turkey won’t control movement.

The waiver would scrap the prerequisite for Turks to get a three-month, short-stay Schengen visa, for tourism or business trips. However, it won’t give Turks the privilege to land a position in Europe.

The UK, Ireland and Cyprus are not in Schengen, so they will keep the visa necessity for Turkey.

Turkey has undermined to quit taking back vagrants from Greece if the EU neglects to convey on visa liberalization.

A long-running debate with Cyprus is a noteworthy hindrance in Turkey’s offered to join the EU, not slightest in light of the fact that Ankara does not perceive the Republic of Cyprus, an EU part.

Turkish-controlled northern Cyprus does not have global acknowledgment.

In any case, a Turkish authority, cited by Reuters news organization, said a visa manage the EU would likewise mean Turkey scrapping its visa necessity for Greek Cypriots.

The extensive convergence of vagrants and evacuees landing in Europe from Turkey, and from North Africa, has brought about a political emergency among EU states.

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Zika virus: Risk higher than first thought, say doctors

The mosquito-borne Zika infection might be much more unsafe than beforehand suspected, researchers in Brazil say.

They told the BBC that Zika could be behind all the more harming neurological conditions, influencing the infants of up to a fifth of contaminated pregnant ladies.

Rates of expansion in Zika contamination in some parts of Brazil have impeded, on account of better data about keeping the illness.

Be that as it may, the quest for an immunization is still in the early stages.

Also, Zika keeps on spreading over the district.

What you have to know: How perilous is Zika?

2.2 billion in ‘at danger’ Zika regions

Travel guidance: Countries influenced and what you ought to do

Most specialists and therapeutic scientists now concur that there is a connection between the Zika infection and microcephaly, where infants are conceived with strangely little heads due to confined mental health.

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Apple worries ‘an overreaction’ – Cook

Apple does not do media interviews unless it truly needs to.

The last time Tim Cook took to screens in the US, it was a direct result of an approaching emergency with the legislature over encryption.

On Monday, it was a direct result of an approaching emergency on Divider Road.

A week ago, I gave an account of how Apple had endured its first quarter of negative development for a long time.

Since that news turned out, Apple’s stock cost has been dropping, for eight back to back days, the first occasion when that is happened to the organization since 1998.

So actually, Apple is attempting to stem the stream. Mr Cook showed up on Distraught Cash, a CNBC show introduced by the charming Jim Cramer.

‘Unimaginable quarter’

Mr Cramer presents his show like a games telecaster may, with sleeves moved up and a yell meeting style that is a soul changing experience for America’s top Chiefs.

It’s apparently the hardest meeting Mr Cook has ever subjected himself to – in spite of the fact that that is not precisely saying much.

Still, Mr Cramer was gruff: After an awful quarter, and notices of another in transit, is Apple in transit out?

“I feel that is an immense overcompensation,” Mr Cook answered.

“We simply had a unimaginable quarter by outright measures, however not up to the Road’s desires, unmistakably.”

Worries about the iPhone being “dead” are out of line, Mr Cook contended, as the fair (by all accounts) offers of the iPhone 6S territory are just poor when put into the setting of unfathomably great iPhone 6 deals the prior year.

‘Can’t survive without’

Mr Cook demanded that Apple wasn’t losing its notoriety with customers. He made reference to Apple’s noteworthy client standards for dependability – in case you’re an iPhone client your significantly more prone to get another iPhone than head to another gadget from Samsung or comparable.

Which is valid, yet it’s in equipment deals where Apple profits. Along these lines, if the iPhone is moderating, it needs another hit.

“We’re going to give you things that you can’t survive without that you simply don’t think about today,” Mr Cook said.

“That has dependably been the goal of Apple.”

He went ahead to recommend the organization’s most up to date line, the Apple Watch, was that hit.

“I think in a couple of years we will think back, and individuals will think ‘How would I be able to ever considered not wearing this watch?’” he said, including that the Watch is just at a bargain in 14,000 stores around the world, leaving a lot of space for development.

“We’re still in learning mode,” he included. “We’re adapting rapidly. You’ll see the Apple Watch show signs of improvement and better.”

Keep an eye out

The inquiry is whether Mr Cook’s certainty was genuine confidence in the item, or a valiant face.

The organization still hasn’t let us know how the Watch is performing, however experts propose around four million smartwatches were sold in the initial three months of 2016, up three million on this time a year ago. Apple Watch’s represented a little more than two million of them.

Quite fantastic by some other organization’s gauges (Samsung has around 14% of the smartwatch market, for instance) yet tiny contrasted with the 70 million iPhones delivered in the same period.

All in all, on the off chance that it’s not the Watch, then what’s next?

“We don’t discuss prospects as an organization,” Mr Cook told CNBC.

“We don’t discuss items on the guide. I’m fantastically amped up for things we’re chipping away at. I would prefer not to be more particular than that.”

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Solar Impulse aeroplane reaches Phoenix, Arizona

Solar Impulse, the zero-fuel aeroplane, has flown the first leg across the continental United States in its attempt to fly around the world.

It left Mountain View, California, at dawn on Monday and landed 16 hours later in Goodyear, a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona.

It was the 10th leg of its round the world quest.

Swiss adventurer Andre Borschberg was at the controls, having taken over from Bertrand Piccard.

Piccard flew Solar Impulse to the West Coast of the US from Hawaii just over a week ago.

The latest stint was relatively short – 1,113 km.

Take-off from the famous Moffett Airfield occurred at 05:03 PDT (12:03 GMT) and the plane landed in Phoenix at 20:55 PDT.

The team has traversed America before, in 2013. That crossing was undertaken in the prototype predecessor to the current aircraft. But it does mean the weather conditions the Solar Impulse is likely to encounter will be well understood.

Piccard and Borschberg are aiming to get to New York by the start of June, to begin preparations for the big Atlantic crossing.



Solar Impulse started its circumnavigation of the globe in March of last year in Abu Dhabi.

It flew over Oman, India, Myanmar and China before flying to Japan, from where it made a 8,924km (5,545-mile) passage to Hawaii.

That five-day, five-night journey set a record for the longest duration, non-stop, solo aeroplane flight.


But it also resulted in damage to the plane’s batteries, forcing the team into some lengthy repairs.


And only when the days started stretching out again in the Northern Hemisphere could the team think about getting back in the air.

With 17,000 photovoltaic cells on its top surfaces, the plane gets all its energy from the sun.

These power the craft’s propellers during the day but also charge batteries that the vehicle’s motors can then call on during the night.

Solar Impulse is not intended to be a vision of the future of aviation. Rather, it is supposed to be a demonstration of the current capabilities of solar power in general.


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